How to make silicone

How to make silicone

Silicone is a kremniyorganichesky material, rather soft and plastic therefore it is used for production of various forms for figurines and figures. It is the simplest to prepare silicone rubber in house conditions.


1. For preparation of silicone rubber which on-to scientific is called of polydiethylsiloxanes, rather usual reactants in economy will be necessary for you: liquid glass and ethyl alcohol.

2. Prepare conditions for work and suitable capacity, it is better plastic. Pour in capacity in equal proportions liquid glass and ethyl alcohol. Accurately mix components by means of any tool, for example, of a spoon or a wooden stick. When solution thickens, it can be brought to the necessary state, just kneading a hand. In capacity the dense mass of white color which will become similar to plasticine over time is formed.

3. When weight begins to stiffen, stick together from it the necessary form. At you it will turn out without any work as the turned-out substance will be soft and plastic, most of all it is similar to rubber. Having achieved the necessary form, leave it for some time to allow to stiffen finally. Silicone rubber will harden, and the form will become elastic and less subject deformation.

4. If you want to copy any subject, it is better to buy liquid silicone in shop. It contains special impurity which force it to stiffen more slowly therefore from it it is simpler to cast the necessary form. For production of a form take a container, place in it sculptural plasticine and lay a subject which you will copy. In a container there should not be cracks, and both of its parties have to be removable that it was possible to sort and take out it easily silicone molds.

5. Fill in a container with silicone weight, since edge. After hardening of the top part of a form accurately get plasticine, In a container there will be half a figure which is filled in in silicone. Repeat filling on the other hand, and then sort a container. The model is taken out, and you in hands have silicone mold by means of which it is possible to reproduce the same subject a set of times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team