How to make stamping on skin

How to make stamping on skin

Skin is fine material for production of the most various useful objects. Thongs for hours, bookmarks for books, cases for keys or the covers of notebooks made of skin can become a fine gift. Such souvenir can be added with beautiful stamping.

It is required to you

  • Stamps punches, knife cutting torch, sartorial nakatka, angular cutter, kanfarnik, hammer, soft brush, foil


1. Prepare necessary tools for work. Make a set of stamps (punches). For this purpose take steel or aluminum cores and turn a file simple patterns, letters, figures. It is necessary to cut out patterns in a mirror look. From the mechanical clock make of cogwheels the nakatka giving various lines. Tubes of different diameter with the ground edges will be suitable for punching of openings.

2. For performance of beskrasochny stamping take a punch with the required drawing and heat it on naked flame approximately to 140 wasps. It is more convenient to select temperature by practical consideration: heat a punch and test it on a proof.

3. Strong press the warmed part of a stamp to the surface of skin and strike from above with the hammer. If the relief left not really deep, it is necessary to heat a stamp stronger. If skin was singed, reduce time of heating of the tool. Having found the optimum temperature of a warming up of a stamp, start drawing a pattern on working material.

4. For performance of colourful stamping prepare a special multi-colored foil. The thin foil from candy or tea wrappers will approach. Melt wax or paraffin in a can. Add a little turpentine that material did not stiffen to paraffin, well stir.

5. By means of a soft brush apply a thin film of wax on sheets of a foil. Now give to wax several hours for drying. After that apply the tempera paint or watercolor paint mixed with egg white and tooth-powder on a wax layer. In a few minutes the foil is ready to use.

6. Prepare one more structure for a covering of a foil, having added oil paint to wax. Stir paint in the melted wax, add turpentine and stir before receiving homogeneous mass. A brush apply paint on a foil with a thin layer.

7. Start stamping. Heat a stamp on fire. On skin put a foil a paint layer down. From above on a foil put a heated stamp. Press a stamp to a foil and strike from above with the hammer. Heated paint will pass to skin and will paint deepenings of a relief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team