How to make the Alpine hill with own hands?

How to make the Alpine hill with own hands?

The Alpine hill is the ideal decision for decoration of a personal plot in which stones and plants are combined. There is a huge number of options as there are no serious restrictions and everyone, being guided by some rules, can create the project. It was necessary only to understand as to make with own hands the Alpine hill, and to get to work. At the decision to save on the landscape designer, it is necessary to understand that all work should be performed independently, since drawing up the project and finishing with the choice and planting of plants.

How it is correct to make the Alpine hill?

That the hill looked beautifully, and was strong, it is necessary to do everything by rules. If to plan works and to buy all details, then original ornament for the site will manage to be created in a day.

It is worth beginning with selection of the site which has to be lit well, well and to be, of course, in a visible place to have an opportunity to enjoy beauty. Best of all the South or southwest side approaches. After that it is possible to pass directly to work.

As most to make the Alpine hill:

  1. First of all it is worth taking care of existence of a good drainage system. Dig a ditch which depth depends on the total area of the hill. It is necessary to be guided by average value, so on the land area of 2х2 m necessary depth is about 1 m. Down it is worth filling gravel or a beaten brick, to water it and to pour out from above sand of large fraction which also pours down.
  2. Soil can be bought in shop, but it is possible to make it independently for what mix the clay soil in which there should not be a grass with peat, observing a proportion 3:1. After that add gravel, considering a ratio 5:1. At first on the earth, geotextiles keep within, then, the drainage and only then the prepared soil becomes.
  3. Saying about how to make the Alpine hill in a garden, it is important to stop on councils for the choice of stones. The size of boulders needs to be selected, being guided by the size of the rock garden. It is not recommended to choose stones of different breeds as the hill will have not natural appearance. Consider that color and texture of boulders have to be in harmony.
  4. Now very responsible moment – laying of stones. It is necessary to spread boulders tiers which quantity depends on the size of the hill and personal preferences, usually their from three to six. The concrete scheme as it needs to be done, no therefore it is worth being guided by the taste. The main thing is to keep naturalness and not to be overzealous with randomness which can look strange. Consider that the composition from stones has to look beautifully and without plants. In the basis large boulders give all the best, and then, stones less are already placed. Irrespective of, you are going to make with own hands the small or large Alpine hill, it is important to fix them as the design can just collapse. For this purpose it is necessary to use the damp earth which pours each layer of stones. Besides the earth is necessary to plant to it plants. If boulders large, then them it is necessary on 2/3 to earth. Council – before including a stone in a design, it is necessary to find separately for it the most comfortable position.
  5. How to make the Alpine hill of stones, found out, now it is necessary to decorate it with plants which by all means have to be long-term. Experts recommend to give preference to undersized plants. Ornamental shrubs, for example, a kizilnik enjoy wide popularity. Many give preference to coniferous plants which will please all the year round. Different types of a juniper, a mountain pine, plakuchy and compact grades are popular and it is necessary to mention popular tuyevik.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team