How to make the current generator

How to make the current generator

The self-made generator can be necessary if you need to charge, for example, the mobile phone, and there is no electricity. At the dacha or in a garage objects which will be necessary for creation of the simplest generator can be found.

It is required to you

  • The electric motor from a children's toy
  • Pulley
  • Switch
  • Lath
  • 2 plates from plywood or plastic
  • Sewing threads
  • Semiconductor diodes – 4 pieces
  • Tester


1. Make the most elementary generator of alternating current of the engine for a toy and threads. Reel up a thread on an axis. Connect an electric bulb from the pocket torch to conclusions of the engine. Pull a thread. It will force to rotate an engine anchor. The bulb will light up.

2. On an axis of the engine fix the air screw with a diameter of 0.5 m or more. The small wind power station will turn out. The quicker the engine rotates, the it develops bigger tension. To increase rotation speed, use pulleys and to apiaries from the tape recorder. Put on a small pulley an axis of the motor, big – a screw axis. The current received from such generator variable. It does not suit for accumulator charging.

3. For receiving a direct current collect the simplest rectifier. For take 4 semiconductor D226 or D7 diodes (with any letter). Connect them according to the bridge scheme. If you want to power the small radio receiver from the generator, then 2 more condensers on 2 mkf and a throttle will be necessary (from the electric counter, the telephone set, the transmitting loudspeaker).

4. It can turn out that at hand there is no ready electric motor. He can try to be collected. The linear magnet in the form of a metal strip in the middle of which it is necessary to drill an opening for an axis is for this purpose necessary. Also 2 identical coils from under threads No. 10 are required. Reel up a wire with enamel isolation with a diameter of 0.25 mm before filling of a framework on coils. Attach 2 coils on a wooden frame so that between their faces the magnet fixed on an axis rotated. Connect coils consistently so that at rotation of a magnet tension on conclusions was maximum (it is possible to establish experimentally). It is possible to rotate such generator by hand, and it is possible by means of the air screw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team