How to make the greenhouse with own hands?

How to make the greenhouse with own hands?

For receiving a good harvest before term, it is necessary to grow up plants in the greenhouse. Today they are made of different materials. To save money on the order of a hotbed at experts, it is possible to make all the hands. It is important to understand as most to make the greenhouse that it met all requirements. For a start it is necessary to decide on the place of future construction and it is important that the hotbed was in the sun. Surely make the drawing of future greenhouse to make all necessary calculations and to buy material.

How quickly to make the greenhouse with own hands?

The simplest option which many will be able to master – the summer hotbed fitted by polyethylene. If accurately to make everything, then such greenhouse will serve couple of seasons. The framework for such option is usually done of a tree. For work it is necessary to prepare boards and a bar, and it is important to impregnate them previously with an anti-septic tank to prevent rotting process. Besides, pipes PVC, a dense film, fittings no more than 1 m high, loops and handles will be necessary for doors and a window leaf.

As to make with own hands the greenhouse:

  1. It is worth beginning with preparation of the territory which has to be equal and carefully stamped. On perimeter, being guided by own sizes, bring down boards which will form the basis of future greenhouse. Hammer fittings into corners of a ready box, being guided by the drawing.
  2. At identical distance from each other hammer rods, approximately on 40-50 cm, having tracked that they were strong fixed as they should hold the greenhouse. As for necessary quantity, be guided that 30-35 rods are the share of the greenhouse of 3х6 m.
  3. Measure pipes PVC, being guided by the planned height of future greenhouse, and then insert them into fittings, connecting with each other opposite rods from two parties. As a result several arches have to turn out.
  4. In order that it is correct to make the greenhouse, it is necessary to fix pipes as they can slide off fittings. Using metal loops and the screw gun fix them to a wooden framework.
  5. That the design was strong, surely strengthen it a bar which section should have no less than 50х50 mm. Still it is in addition necessary to strengthen corners, using bars of the small size. Bring down separately a rectangle which will serve as an entrance to the greenhouse and also several rectangles, smaller on diameter, for formation of a front and back part.
  6. Connect among themselves several pipes PVC that as a result they had length as all greenhouse and attach them to cross arches. It is important that the framework was strong and was not unsteady from wind.
  7. Take a film and pull it on the greenhouse, watching that it did not cave in anywhere. It is worth fixing to a framework it by means of special brackets. In the place where there will be an entrance, the film should be bent inside.
  8. Separately hammer together future door and fit it a film. By means of loops establish a door on its lawful place. In the same way make if desired window leaves for airing.
  9. The greenhouse is ready to preparation of the earth and jumping of plants. On the end of a season a film it is possible to remove and pull accurately it already in the next season.

How to make the small greenhouse with own hands?

If the territory small or just is not present the purpose to grow up many plants, then it is possible to make a small hotbed. To save both time and money, it is the best of all to use an old window for work. To make such greenhouse in house conditions simply as it is necessary to hammer together a box basis which by the size would approach under the chosen frame. After that the window is just attached to it on loops. It is important that everything was picked most precisely up and there were no gaps. That's all, the mini-hotbed is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team