How to make the smoking shed of a barrel?

How to make the smoking shed of a barrel?

Fish, meat and other products prepared in the smoking shed turn out very tasty and fragrant. Not everything as the prices bite can get the smoking shed, but there is an exit – to make all the hands. There are different versions of similar devices, we suggest to understand how to make the smoking shed of a barrel. Such option is economical and simple, so, many will be able to cope with it. It is a little time, and you will be able to please the with seven tasty smoked products.

How to make the smoke-cured smoking shed of a barrel?

There are several ways of production of a design, but as not all houses have a welding and other difficult equipment, will consider simple option. It is necessary to prepare a barrel of 200 l which can be new or second-hand, and it is possible to pass to work.

As to make with own hands the smoking shed from a barrel:

  1. To make a cover, it is necessary to make a marking on one side, and then, using the Bulgarian to cut out it. It is possible to make the hatch small, and it is possible to cut a barrel on halves at all.
  1. In principle the smoke-cured smoking shed from a barrel is ready, but it is necessary to process a surface still. Best of all – to light fire inside and to allow paint to burn. Will remain only by means of a brush residues of ashes were successful. To give to the smoking shed beautiful view at first degrease a surface, and then, process it paint.On each side openings it is necessary to attach strips which will not allow a cover to fail and it will be fixed. The metal tapes taken from other barrel or any other levels will be suitable for this purpose. They should be curved in a barrel form, and then, to press special clips. Using a drill, drill openings under rivets and rivet them. It is necessary to make it from two parties.
  2. To fix a cover by the hands on the smoke-cured smoking shed from a barrel, use loops which fasten by means of rivets. Use two wide loops.
  3. For convenient use it is necessary to attach the handle which can be taken from old furniture, to the hatch of the fridge or to get new in shop. Consider that the handle should not be afraid of temperature increase. To attach it, drill an opening and record.
  4. Our smoking needs a flue for which it is possible to use any pipes or a fitting. It is important that the chosen detail could fasten by means of bolts and approached an opening in a cover of the barrel.
  5. It was necessary to establish a lattice inside, and guides are for this purpose necessary. Make marks on each side, approximately on the middle of a barrel, drill openings and insert guides. Do not forget to fix them outside by bolts. Still it is necessary to make the crosswise support suitable under a barrel. For this purpose it is possible to use metal corners which are bolted.

Finally little useful information. The self-made smoking shed from a barrel is not afraid of cold weather therefore it can be held on the street. It is very easy in use only consider that it cannot be overheated as it will spoil taste of a ready-made product. To control temperature it is possible to attach sideways barrels the thermometer. At the first stage of smoking there is a dehumidification of products therefore temperature should not be more than 90 degrees. When there is a smoking, temperature can be increased, but it should not be more than 120 degrees. After completion of smoking it is necessary to wash a lattice and it is obligatory to clean an internal part of the smoking camera that next time nothing spoiled taste of products. By the way, the presented option smoking can be used as a grill for preparation of a barbecue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team