How to make the website most?

How to make the website most?

Plowing the boundless sea of the Internet, everyone, certainly, thinks once: Well for the foolish websites! On one there is no normal information. Here if I did the website, I … And here a critical lot of displeasure am reached, and the indignant user made the firm decision to train for a new profession in the webmaster and at last to make everything as it is necessary.


The decision is accepted and here a trouble: how to make the website from scratch, the beginning genius of the Internet does not know yet. The Internet is chucked in with councils a subject how quickly to make the website, but all this nonsense: the haste is not welcomed, and the website – business serious, here all should be considered properly. In general process looks so.

The first that should be made (as, however, and in any business) is to be defined that, actually, you want to make. That is, in this case, to be defined what will be a website subject.

When choosing a subject it is necessary to be guided by the following reasonings. The first. The website is intended for earning money or for communication with adherents and self-expression? The second. About what it is possible to tell to the world – of something like that what nobody told of yet? The subject of a child has to be of the general interest to bring together some audience. If the website is intended for earning money, then its audience has to be ready for purchase. That is, if the website is devoted to use of foam concrete blocks in construction and on it there is article on a subject What foam concrete blocks better to buy, then the website will be visited by the people wishing to buy foam concrete blocks, and he will become attractive as the location of advertizing to firms which sell them. Here they will also pay money for advertizing.

The second. Paraphrasing the known song: To The website as if the person, a name needs extremely. This name – it call the domain – has to be unique. And good names quickly come to an end, trade in them so the thought-up domain should be registered immediately! The third. If the task is formulated as - to make the beautiful website, then it is necessary to think properly of a cursor for it. A cursor call CMS - Content Management System, it will give some kind of template which can be used at discretion. There is a set of both paid, and free CMS, it is possible to choose on the taste. Of course, the beginning webmaster should not spread a lot of money for what, maybe, also will not suit him. And it is more reasonable to choose free option. But, however, matter of taste. Where to make the website – not the most important. The main thing – that it was good.

Then it is necessary to install the local server on the computer. Most likely, on the website of the chosen CMS it will be in detail explained how to make it as at everyone the algorithm of action.

Now it is necessary to make a template for the website, and it is for this purpose quite good to understand several programs (at former stages it was possible to avoid somehow programming, but here it came, hour X …). Here and to give up all business if resolutely does not take a shower communication on an electronic adverb. But, as usual, there is an exit. And even a little.

First, to employ the programmer who will make everything.

Secondly, to download a paid or free template with CMS if there such service is provided (and if is not present – can, look for other cursor?)

Thirdly to make by means of the generator of the Artisteer templates.

Fourthly, nevertheless to make most, having slightly moved apart limits of the knowledge of the world and about the computer.

The following step – a website usability. That is, simply speaking, convenience to the visitor. What website it is the most convenient to use? Correctly, clear. On which it is clear at once where what lies and it is not necessary to be rummaged according to all references in hope to find necessary. Navigation should be thought over to a subtlety, otherwise nobody will want to wander in this jungle, the Internet on each inquiry offers hundreds and thousands of options. Why to the user the inconvenient website if the choice is so big?

Having optimized the website for users, it is necessary to make now so that it was well perceived by search engines: to create the reasonable system of keywords.

How to make the website most and to remove it in the Internet?

Now the website should be removed in the Internet, and for this purpose to place on the server a host provider. Now the choice is very big, is both paid, and free, but here just you should not save: free the hosting does not happen, it is necessary to pay not in money, so nerves and senselessly spent time.

And here we are in the home stretch and we begin to promote the website closely. What too demands both forces, and time. So on a question how quickly to make the website most - there is only one answer: in any way. It is made hastily – made on laughter. It is better to spend more time, but to make the standing thing, but not nonsense.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team