How to make water of life

How to make water of life

The person for 80 percent consists of water. Water is necessary for us to live. But long ago it is known that not any water is useful. Recently very few people drink water from under the crane. People use various filters. However the liquid purified with their help at best will not do harm. So-called ""water of life"" can bring benefit. it can be made in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Water, black silicon, gauze, capacity from plastic or shock-resistant glass.


1. The easiest way to improve properties of water such is. For a start boil a necessary amount of water. Then cool ready water and freeze it. It is possible to make it, having poured water in a plastic bottle or capacity from shock-resistant glass and having placed in the fridge freezer. In the winter freezing of water can be carried out, having exposed a bottle on a balcony. Then take out the container with the turned-out ice from the cold place. When it thaws and again to turn into water, the structure of such water will be improved.

2. The best method of receiving ""water of life"" is based on use of black silicon. This mineral is on sale in pharmacies. Take three liters of water, put in it 305 pebbles of silicon. Then cover capacity with a clean gauze and infuse water within two days. After water infuses, carefully pour it in other vessel. It is necessary to leave in former capacity the lower layer - about 2-3 cm. The fact is that in it settled all hazardous substances, they are not necessary to us. Real ""water of life"" is not ready yet. Now it needs to be frozen slightly. When on a surface small ice is formed, in it it is necessary to make an opening. Through this opening it is necessary to pour out water in the prepared capacity. Ice can be thrown out, in it hydrogen isotopes gathered.

3. Now it is necessary to freeze the remained water again. This time it has to freeze approximately on 2/3. At this stage of preparation of ""water of life"" it is necessary to pour out, on the contrary, not frozen water. From ice which as a result remained and it turns out when thawing ""water of life"". It is very useful to drink it for an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team