How to master radio electronics

How to master radio electronics

Amateur designing of radio-electronic devices is interesting and useful occupation. But before beginning to create difficult electronic technique, it is necessary to seize elements of radio amateur skill.


1. Begin development of radio business with creation of a convenient workplace. As you should solder much, find and lay a suitable piece of plywood or linoleum on a table, it will protect a table from damage by drops of the melted solder. Buy two soldering irons: one is not more powerful than 40 W, the second — about 100 W.

2. The simplest detector receivers will become your first designs. That they could work normally, in advance make the antenna and reliable grounding. For the antenna use antenna kanatik, it can be made independently. Take the coil of a wire with a diameter of 0.35-0.5 mm and stretch it 20-30 times between two nails hammered at distance about 10 meters.

3. Clamp the turned-out bunch of wires since one end in a drill and twist before receiving a kanatik. Smooth out the ends of a kanatik also to a propayayta. Fix it on two porcelain insulators on the rooftop, between a window and a tree, etc. If you live in the apartment, stretch antenna kanatik along window perimeter. From the antenna to the room there has to be a decrease wire – it will be connected to your radio receivers.

4. As grounding it is possible to use a heating pipe, smooth out it and carefully to a primotayta to it the wire which is smoothed out from isolation. Fix a junction by an insulating tape. In rural areas the good grounding can be made of an old metal bucket: solder to it a wire and dig a bucket to the earth approximately on 50-70 cm.

5. Now everything is ready to beginning to create radio-electronic devices. Begin to comprehend elements of radio amateur business from assembly of the detector receiver – the simplest device which does not even require the power supply. For work it has enough energy of the radio waves caught by the antenna. Find the scheme of the receiver in the Internet, it is very simple. Mount the receiver on a cardboard piece: insert conclusions of details into punctured with a needle or a pricker of an opening and accustom to drinking from below an assembly wire.

6. After the simplest detector receiver begins to work, improve it. Add strengthening cascades: at first for sound frequency, then and high. Your receiver will begin to work so loudly that it will be possible to listen to it not via earphones, and via loudspeakers.

7. Food of cascades of strengthening of the radio receiver will require batteries. As they quickly enough "sit down", collect the network power supply giving adjustable voltage from 5 to 12 V. Find the scheme in the Internet, experience of creation of the power supply very much is useful to you.

8. Creating the simplest receivers, learn to use measuring tools. In particular, multimeter (tester). Buying a tester, take model with an arrow scale, to use it much more conveniently. In particular, the arrow tester will allow you to check easily condensers – you will be able to judge their serviceability on behavior of an arrow what the tester with digital indication cannot give.

9. After you seize creation of transistor designs, pass to digital equipment. Using chips, you will be able to create very compact and high-quality radio receivers and other equipment. Over time, having understood the principles of work of electronic schemes, you will be able to project and create rather difficult radio-electronic devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team