How to measure alternating current

How to measure alternating current

The majority of models of modern household appliances is connected to the ordinary power supply network. Because of the big power of some electric devices there can be problems with an electrical wiring or frequent shutdown of safety locks. To estimate the loading rendered on network by any device it is necessary to measure force of the alternating current passing through the electric device. For this purpose there are special methods and electric devices.

It is required to you

  • electric device (avometr, multimeter, ampermeter) and minimum knowledge of the English letters


1. Prepare the device for measurement. Turn on the device and set the switch to position of the maximum measurement of current (A> mA> mkA). If you put in small position, there is a probability that the device will fail.

2. Turn on the device on which it is necessary to measure current. Make sure that the device works. Take pincers a current carrying wire, reduce pincers. The device has to show value of alternating current.

3. Carrying out measurement of current a multimeter or avometry demands other turning on of the device in network. In this case it is necessary to provide a rupture of one vein of a strong wire between a plug fork and the device. In this gap you connect the measuring device, you include a fork in the socket and you read instrument readings.

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