How to measure tension in network

How to measure tension in network

Rated voltage in network is 220 Volts, but not always it corresponds to this value. Tension can be absent, be completely lowered or too high. Besides, tension in network can be unstable, for example, if someone incorrectly uses the welding machine. As the non-standard (especially increased) tension is capable to negatively affect operation of electrical accessories, in case of failures in power supply, before turning on of electric devices it is recommended to measure tension in network.

It is required to you

  • Multimeter
  • 2 wires with probes


1. Before voltage measurement in network insert a black wire with the probe into a nest with the inscription COM in a multimeter, then insert a red wire into a nest with the inscription VΩmA. Turn on the device, having turned the switch and having put it in voltage measurement position.

2. Pay attention: in a multimeter there are two modes of measurement of tension: mode of measurement of constant tension and mode of alternating voltage. Include a multimeter in the mode of measurement of alternating voltage, the sector of measurement of alternating voltage is designated by ACV symbols. Put the switch opposite to figures 750 which are in this sector. This figure designated a limit of tension measured by a multimeter for this position of the switch. On the display of the device three figures "zero" and the HV badge showing that the mode of measurement of big tension is included have to be displayed. If there is no such badge, check how the switch of the modes is installed and establish correctly.

3. For voltage measurement take probes some in right, and another in the left hand. Probes should be taken above the restrictive rings located on probes. Do not take probes in one hand. Insert probes into the socket and on the display determine tension by indications. Indications can change within 3 – 4 units, it is normal.

4. Significant changes in tension can be caused by periodically repeating strong loading in network. Check whether your neighbor works with any powerful tool, whether it performs electrowelding works on the site.

5. Otherwise it is necessary to call the electrician for check of reliability of contacts and connecting terminals in your house or the apartment. Do not try to define independently the reason of instability of tension in your house. Remember: samodeyatelno the made changes in an electrical wiring can lead to accident or the fire.

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