How to melt copper

How to melt copper

To melt copper as however, and any other metal is better to use the special equipment and to work under the leadership of the master. But if circumstances you forced to be engaged in house metal melting, then make the special melting furnace.


1. The furnace for melting of metal in house conditions was developed by the erudite metallurgist E.Ya. Homutov. Take a usual fire-resistant pipe of long 300 mm as a basis of the furnace.

2. Since both ends of a pipe make two openings (castle) to attach nikhromovy thread. Nikhromovy thread is a heating element, it is necessary to attach it together with a piece of a cord which will protect wire rounds when winding.

3. Using a formula L=RxS calculate the thread length where resistance of a heating element of heating – R, S — the section of a wire (nikhromovy); specific resistance of nichrom – r and is equal to 1.2; required length – L.

4. Reel up a wire together with a cord in the form of a spiral and cover with liquid glass. Then remove the conductor, wind a spiral with asbestos.

5. Make temperature sensor. Take a chromfir and alyumelevy wire, twist them with each other. Attach the wire going from the transformer (latr) to one end of twist. Put the regulator of the transformer on zero division.

6. Take a dielectric surface and fill graphite powder and to a drill (a proportion 5/1). Connect other wire from the transformer to the place of soldering. It is specified in the drawing.

7. At the left the sensor of temperatures is located. 1). transformer (latr), 2) .na clip the first contact, 3). from a latr the second contact, 4.5). chromfir and alyumelevy wire, 6). a cup from substance which badly carries current, 7). structure (mix) from drills and graphite, 8). twist of two provodok which are (accustomed to drinking).

8. For several seconds give current. On the place of contact the fusion ball has to appear. Build in a working part of the thermocouple in a cover of the furnace and connect to millivolt which is calculated on 500 millivolts.

9. A scale anew to an otgraduiruyta, the melting point of different metals can serve as a reference point. You perform this operation already in the ready furnace. Make the top cover of the furnace and a bottom of clay (shamotny). To bake it is possible to add with a viewing window from special glass.

10. 1) heat insulation asbestos 2). a pipe from clay, 3). nikhromovy spiral, 4). cover (top), 5). exit of a nikhromovy thread (wire), 6). thermocouples, 7). millivoltmetr, 8) entrance. If directly loads furnace charge into the furnace, but not into crucibles, then cover an internal part of the furnace with graphite paste. Paste mix on liquid glass. During the work with such furnace observe safety measures.

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