How to mix paints to receive right color?

How to mix paints to receive right color?

The beginning painters and designers often are interested how to mix paints to receive right color. There are main shades at which connection there can be a new original option. In some situations such task arises when one paint reaches a limit and it can be replaced by mixing of several options. For this purpose two and more colors can be used.

How to mix paints to receive different shades?

It would be desirable to note that such task is difficult as some paints after connection with each other provoke reactions that as a result negatively affects result, for example, color can become dark or in general lose the tone and to become gray.

Understanding what it is possible to mix paints, It is necessary to tell that to receive yellow, red and blue color by compound of other paints, it is impossible, but they are actively used in different combinations.

We learn how to mix paints for obtaining some colors:

  1. Pink. That there was this color, it is necessary to mix red and white color in identical quantities. Varying a proportion of white paint, it is possible to receive shades of different saturation.
  2. Green. That there was this color it is necessary to mix in equal proportions blue, blue and yellow. If there is a wish to create an olive shade, then connect green, yellow and add a small amount of brown. The light shade turns out thanks to mixing yellow, green and white.
  3. Orange. This beautiful color turns out thanks to connection red and yellow. The more as a result will be red, the brighter the total shade will turn out.
  4. Violet. In that case it is necessary to mix the next colors of paint: red and blue, and in equal proportions. If to change proportions and to add white color, then it is possible to receive different shades.
  5. Gray. There is a huge number of options, and so for receiving different shades, it is necessary to mix black and white color in different proportions.
  6. Beige. This color is often used, for example, in time of writing of portraits. For its receiving it is necessary to add to brown color white, and then, for improvement of brightness use a little yellow.

It should be noted that the closer colors are to each other on a color circle, the their tone is similar, so, the result will be cleaner and saturated.

The table explaining how to mix colors of paints for receiving the necessary shade is given below.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team