How to move objects by force of thought?

How to move objects by force of thought?

Each of us at least once in life had to observe how people move various objects by force of thought. Do you think that such tricks are possible only in circus? Not at all. It can do to some people. How to move objects by force of thought – further in article. If you want to master the movement of objects by force of thought to you the persistence and endurance will be required. And also big concentration and good psychological health. You should have no feeling of mistrust or doubts and if you nevertheless have a feeling of uncertainty, then at you nothing will turn out.

For transportation of an object completely we focus on it. The head at the same time should not be busy with other thoughts and the most important it is impossible to disseminate attention. According to scientists, such movement happens because at localization of attention throughout long time on a certain subject, there is an awakening of mental energy in the form of the electromagnetic waves proceeding from a brain. Such waves are rather powerful to push a subject. So, if it is still interesting to you to learn how to lift a subject by force of thought, then we start.

How to learn to move objects by force of thought?

Concentrating attention on a subject, it is not necessary to burn it a look. For a start it is the best of all to train on a feather. Throughout several occupations just try to consider it attentively. As soon as bothers you then remove it. Thus, you will manage to force consciousness to believe that you can do it. After you manage to remove at least on millimeter a feather, it is possible to pass to such heavier objects as a paper clip or the sheet of paper.

We concentrate the attention on a subject about 10 minutes. No excess thoughts should arise in the head. At the same time the level of concentration has to be so high that at some point you will begin to feel an object a part.

After you understand that reached already such state, we represent that the subject begins to move. For example, if you look at the spoon lying on a table, then you can move or bend it on several centimeters. For this purpose it is necessary to represent several times this movement in mind, but mentally you do not depart from an object at all.

Now you know how to move objects by force of thought. Using these steps, you will be able to increase the level of skill of telekinesis and transportation of objects without direct contact with it. Of course, movement of objects by force of thought - occupation very difficult, is also given it not to everyone therefore it is necessary to work on itself daily. And perhaps several months later you will notice excellent result. Try to avoid the thought forcing to lose interest in telekinesis.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team