How to obtain citizenship of Germany?

How to obtain citizenship of Germany?

Today many seek to obtain citizenship of Germany, without knowing as it is correct to make it. This country which is well developed and loyally relating to emigrants therefore to get here and want to receive the residence permit many.

What is necessary to obtain citizenship of such country as Germany?

There are three categories of citizens who without any problem and delays can become Germans, here they:

  1. Having lived in the country of 8 years, it is possible to try to obtain the right to become her citizen. It will also be the answer to a question that who is interested in how many years it will be possible to obtain citizenship of Germany, however, there are programs which provide reduction of this term up to 5 years.
  2. Quickly and without special difficulties Jews and Germans of ethnic origin who were forced to leave the state during war can receive a permanent residence.
  3. Having the business in Germany, developing it and putting investments, it is possible to receive pretty fast without knowledge of language the desirable passport.

Besides, collecting the necessary package of documents, it is necessary to have the evidence that in years living in this European country future citizen had no problems with the law. At the same time it is necessary to possess sufficient material resources which will allow to provide without the aid of the state itself and the relatives. Only respecting and recognizing all legislative rules of the country, well knowing German and having passed the corresponding test for integration in society, it is possible to count on obtaining the passport. As for the test, it is possible to pass it unlimited number of times.

How it is possible to obtain citizenship of the developed Germany still?

It is possible to become the owner of the treasured passport:

  • by the right of the birth;
  • having entered the program of business emigration;
  • having become the wife or the German's husband;
  • at reunion of family;
  • having received the status of the refugee;
  • having adopted the child;
  • possessing the blue map of the EU;
  • having undergone standard process of naturalization.

Of course, having come to this country to give birth, to count silly on obtaining nationality by the child. For this purpose here one of parents should live and have a permanent residence at least. With marriage registration too not everything is so simple, it is necessary to prove that spouses live together at least three years and are in joint charge of housekeeping. Being interested as it is possible to obtain citizenship of Germany according to the blue map of the EU, it is necessary to have vocational education and qualification in which Germany feels a shortcoming. Only emigrants and members of the European Union can have dual citizenship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team