How to open the car if keys inside?

How to open the car if keys inside?

Life – strange piece, she turns the person into the winner, laughs at him, palming off on him various troubles. It is possible to carry to one of the last safely that when you close an automobile door, the latch works, and with horror you realize that keys remained in salon. Of course, it is possible to cause special service. Here will not do without huge, so to say, fat minuses: it will need to be waited not less than an hour and to lay out the decent sum of money for services. Unless it is pleasant to someone to lose about 30 c.u. here so out of the blue? Certainly what is not present. And here, if keys appeared inside and it is difficult to think up at once how to open own car, the life hacks long ago tested by drivers will come to the rescue.

How it is possible to open the car if keys remained inside?

  1. Perhaps, the fastest and easy way to get in salon of a car, at which the trunk, some oddly, remained is it is open. Further it will be a question of modern cars most of which has either the button, or the cord intended for lowering of back seats. So, task No. 1: to find this cord or the button. Task No. 2: to lower seats and to creep in the car.
  2. Method which simpler there is nothing, - always to carry at itself a spare key. Nobody can foresee that such trouble will befall it, and therefore it is useful to make secure.
  3. If the car was closed, and keys appeared inside, it is possible to open it by means of laces, it is kind of strange did not sound. So, in case the automobile lock acts over the door panel up, then we do the following: the lace is folded double, we do a small loop. Dragging a lace backwards-forward, gradually lowering it down, we try to push a loop through the top door corner. There is the main patience. Of course, to let a loop to the button of blocking of a door from the first it turns out not at many. So, when after all it was possible, we tighten a loop around the button. Further slowly we pull a lace up and with ease we open the lock.
  4. The following method greatly works only on horizontal and vertical locks of old cars. Do not use it if you have a car with an electropackage. So, we take a metal hanger or a wire on which end there is a hook. We insert the last between glass and rubber sealant, accurately pushing it inside. Then we try to hook on the door draft conducting from the lock to the button. Tian a wire with a hook up also we open a door.
  5. Now we need a tonometer, to be exact that inflatable cuffs that goes to it. This life hack helps to open a door of a favourite car without any damages. So, from a driver's seat it is necessary to pick up the right edge of glass. It is necessary to do it by either fingers, or the plastic lever. If you take something metal, then it is guaranteed you will spoil the car which, by the way, will not manage to be opened. So, you delay on yourself glass until the crack about 0.5 cm is formed. We insert a cuff of a tonometer into it and we pump up air until the crack increases to 2 cm. Further make a long hook of a wire. Insert it into a crack from above of a window near a tonometer cuff. Carefully hook the button of blocking of a door or try to extend keys which remained inside before the car was blocked and you asked a question as again to open it.

How to open the started car if keys inside?

In this case, if in the working state a security system, then it is possible to strike a bumper so that safety cushions worked. As result – doors will be unblocked automatically.

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