How to open wine without corkscrew?

How to open wine without corkscrew?

Imagine: light day, pleasant company, bottle of great wine and … And where corkscrew? And the corkscrew, as ill luck would have it, in the house did not appear. Or you went to the country and forgot this attribute, necessary on a picnic. What to do and as it is possible to open wine without corkscrew and not to strike before lovely ladies the person in dirt – read further in article.

Actually, such ways there is a set. And now we will consider some of them.

How to open wine without corkscrew in house conditions?

If you are at home and you did not have a corkscrew near at hand, then it and not a problem at all. By means of make-shifts it is possible to correct a situation easily. Among objects which can be useful to – flat-nose pliers, a screw, the screw-driver.

The technology of opening is simple: twist a screw in a stopper approximately on a half of its length, then take a hat flat-nose pliers and pull up. The stopper will obediently follow a screw and will leave a bottle.

The impression on great ladies will be unforgettable – for them you will become not just interesting man, but the man with hands which grow from the right place.

How to open a wine bottle without corkscrew if you are outdoors?

If the lack of a corkscrew found you outdoors, here it is necessary to show all the ingenuity. It is possible to try to push a stopper inside. It becomes by means of a fork or a finger. Of course, to be picked by a finger a stopper, especially at women – somehow not comme il faut. And here in the men's company this way is not so bad.

It is possible to bring into considerable surprise of people around if to press a stopper inside after torsion of a bottle. It becomes so: at first 3 times we rotate a bottle with wine to ourselves, then 3 times from ourselves. After that without efforts we press a finger on a stopper, and it leaves inside. The secret of this focus is in rotating a bottle across, through a neck.

One more way how to open a stopper from wine without corkscrew is to try to beat out it from a bottle. Here your imagination will be where to be developed. For example, it is possible to knock with something heavy on a container bottom (only choose the subject safe for glass). The plastic large bottle with water or drink, the book or something else that is at you near at hand at present will approach. If you make efforts, the stopper will begin to leave slowly after each blow the place.

Unusual ways how to open a wine bottle without corkscrew

If you want to show originality and ingenuity, it is possible to apply one of unusual ways of opening of a bottle.

  1. We pull out a stopper from a bottle by means of a knife. If you near at hand have a knife with a thin edge, can use it. Pierce a knife a stopper and, accurately rotating, extend it from a bottle.
  2. We open a bottle, using a paper clip or a piece of a rigid wire. It is necessary to make a hook of a paper clip, like fishing. Accurately push it between a neck of a bottle and a stopper, pick up a stopper a hook and pull on yourself. To work for certain, pull for a wire flat-nose pliers.
  3. We open a bottle the screw-driver and a rope. Take some sharp object, for example, the screw-driver or a pricker. Also the lace or a piece of a strong rope is required. Make a small knot on the end of a rope, and by means of the screw-driver push it in a stopper. Pull out the screw-driver and just pull for a small knot. No corkscrew is also necessary to you at all!
  4. The bottle of wine can be opened by means of the pump for a ball or the syringe. The principle is rather simple: pierce a needle a stopper and pump air in a bottle. The stopper under pressure of air itself will jump out. Only the thin needle will not be suitable for this method as it can be hammered in a stopper and break. And it is not necessary to pump air too intensively also, and that the bottle will just burst from such diligence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team