How to organize laboratory

Whether you know that one of the most famous characters of a fantasy, Frankenstein, was the scientific project of "underground" laboratory? His creator worked on new "miracle" of science practically in inhuman conditions of home laboratory far from public eyes. Now, of course, not those times. Progress stepped far ahead. And though today it is required to organize laboratory many forces and monetary investments, it is all the same automated process. If you seriously thought of opening of own laboratory, then hard work is necessary to you.


1. Before you besides two options: Home laboratory. For its creation you will need to find the room (houses, in a garage or to rent the area), of course, to find the equipment for the researches and experiments. Most often for home laboratory not the new equipment and reactants, but already former in operation is bought. Such laboratory is rather intended for carrying out the profound analysis within some single scientific work. For example, theses in chemistry or physics.

2. Professional laboratory. Here from you acquisition of expensive hi-tech equipment for carrying out researches, selection of collective and analytical base, rent or purchase of the area for placement of laboratory which has to be not less than 100 sq.m will be required and have a separate entrance. Besides, it will be necessary to obtain licenses from such organizations as Sanitary and Epidemic Control and fire service. It is not free too.

3. Besides, you have to decide what specifically your laboratory is going to provide services: it can be both just procedural office, and laboratory of a wide profile. Profitability and payback of your enterprise will depend directly on quality of the provided services and terms of implementation of analyses and testings. Modern technologies allow to receive results within several hours or for one day, depending on complexity of the conducted researches. Proceeding from the listed factors, start term in operation of similar laboratory can occupy of a week about half a year, and sometimes more.

4. Certainly, a difference between two presented approaches to creation of laboratory in the direct purpose: for carrying out own case studies or for receiving monetary profit on work of the laboratory with clients. Everything depends on your interests!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team