How to part an infusorian

How to part an infusorian

It is necessary to part infusorians for bringing up of fish juveniles (whitebaits and larvae) in the first days after she hatches from caviar. Infusorians whitebaits of viviparous fishes also eat with pleasure. Moreover – these cultures are their main forage. Only one type of infusorians – a paramecium caudatum is applied to feeding of fishes.

It is required to you

  • 4-5 glass jars with a capacity of 3-5 liters, the dried-up banana crusts, water, the pipette with a long tip, filter paper, a gauze, the thermometer for water, a magnifying glass with 30-40-fold increase, bubbles for water tests, subject glasses, a needle, the pocket torch.


1. Prepare nutrient medium. For this purpose fill a glass jar with water – rain or from an aquarium with healthy small fishes. In bank place a peel of 1 banana. Tie a mouth a gauze. Deliver to bank for 2-3 days to the place protected from straight lines solar by the best in which there is an opportunity to maintain temperature of 23-25 °C. Water has to dim, and on its surface to appear the bacterial film.

2. Take the culture of an infusorian in finished form from experienced aquarians. But if it is impossible, it is necessary to receive it. Find a standing reservoir at the bottom of which there are decaying vegetable remains. The reservoir has to be drying up – it will protect from hit in the culture of the pathogenic microbes dangerous to fishes.

3. By means of the long pipette (it is possible with rubber pear) take water samples in a benthonic layer. Place them on subject glass and consider through a magnifying glass. If in test there are only paramecium caudata, safely use it for cultivation.

4. Perhaps, in water there will be also other infusorians. In it a case make the following. Near a test drop, at distance from it in 2-3 cm, drip a little pure rain water. By means of a needle make a narrow water path between drops. Light a drop with clear water with a beam of the pocket torch. The paramecium caudatum has property to move on light, and does it very quickly, much quicker than other infusorians. After a while in a magnifying glass it will be visible that a large number of infusorians got over in a big drop. Take away it the pipette and transfer in bank with nutrient medium.

5. In 5-7 days at a temperature of 25-27 ° the quantity of infusorians becomes sufficient to feed with them whitebaits. In the same time it is necessary to load with culture the second can, and a week more later – a third. Having available 3-5 cans, it is possible to provide a continuous cycle of reproduction of infusorians.

6. Around one from walls banks establish a light source to which infusorians immediately direct. Their cloudlet can be visible even with the naked eye. From here take away them by means of the long pipette together with water. After that transfer water to a piece of filter paper, having allowed excess moisture to filter with bacteria via the filter. It borrows 1-2 sec. Rinse a piece of filter paper with infusorians in an aquarium with whitebaits.

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