How to pass examination in history

How to pass examination in history

It is very difficult to some people to take examinations. It is connected with a stress which always accompanies a session and also with big tension. Note some features of preparation for examination and behavior on it.

It is required to you

  • Self-confidence
  • Good dream
  • Average speed of the speech


1. Sleep well before examination in history. No matter, whether all of you learned questions or not. You have to come vigorous and well rested to examination. Besides, try to get enough sleep during the session because work of memory is directly connected with a regular good dream.

2. You come to examination earlier. First, you will choose to yourself the best place in audience. Secondly, you should not wait long until examination is passed by others. Thereby you will avoid excess stressful situations.

3. You come to examination in comfortable clothes. Thoughts of cold or a heat should not distract you. The clothes have to be comfortable and are picked up for a season. Besides, try to come to examination in the clothes differing from daily. So you express respect for your teacher.

4. Answer surely. Remember that in human relations the feedback is extremely important therefore your confidence will be transferred also to the examiner. Sure giving of knowledge will tell the examiner that you long prepared for examination and can confirm the words with a source.

5. Avoid monotony. Speed of your speech has to be average – not too slow not to dull attention of the teacher, but also not too fast that complicates perception of the speech. Avoid pauses not to allow the teacher to lead or the question which is not relating to a subject at all.

6. Pay attention to gestures as some of them say more, than any words. Answering the examiner it is impossible to scratch a nape, a neck, eyebrows at all, to lay hands to lips and cheeks. All these gestures say that the person or doubts the words, or does not know what he speaks about, and tries to improvise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team