How to pick up a cap for a shape of a face?

How to pick up a cap for a shape of a face?

Before buying a headdress, the person often spends a lot of time for measuring a set of models. Unsuccessfully picked up cap can turn even the most nice man or the beautiful woman into the unattractive personality. Not to spend precious time, it is necessary to study the type of appearance in advance, it will help both to pick up a cap for a shape of a face, and it is correct to choose a headdress.

How to pick up color of a cap to the person?

Let's begin, perhaps, with the simplest. Let's define what shade of a headdress will be the most suitable. First, look what color outerwear which you plan to wear complete with a cap. Secondly, take fabrics or paper of different shades, and apply them to a forehead, it is very convenient to use for this purpose color cardboard or scarfs. It is so possible to define what color approaches a shade of skin, a hair and an eye.

After these manipulations, you will choose several options which approach both the person, and outerwear. Several flowers are necessary because in shop it can not appear headdresses of that shade most of which was pleasant.

How it is correct to pick up a cap for a shape of a face?

For a start define a shape of the face. It can make as approximately, and having measured length and width of a forehead, chin, cheekbones by centimeter and having drawn on paper something like an identikit.

Experts allocate the following shapes of a face:

  • circle;
  • oval;
  • extended;
  • triangle;
  • square.

It is necessary to know this classification, it will help as it is correct to pick up a cap, and a hairstyle.

Caps hand bells which will close completely a forehead, and wide-brimmed hats will approach the extended face type. The person with an oval face will like turbans and caps bandages, and to that at whom the face has round shape, caps with pompons and the Cossack models. For triangular type, experts I recommend to select caps hand bells or caps, and for square, berets and other attires of round shape.

How to pick up a men's cap?

First of all, try to carry out all manipulations described above, that is define a face type and suitable colors. But, be not too original, especially when determining shades. As a rule, men wear headdresses and outerwear of reserved color scale. In such situation it is possible to play with shades, for example, there is saturated blue, darkly blue, blue-gray color.

After you were defined what caps can be picked up, look with what the guy will carry it. For example, the cap with a pompon will not look with a classical coat or a strict leather jacket.

How to pick up a cap to the man in classical style?

If the guy prefers classical style in clothes, then and the headdress should be bought such. When the man does not want to wear hats, it is necessary to stop the choice on a plain cap of smooth knitting or on fur winter models. And that, and other option perfectly adjoin to a coat and strict jackets.

Attentively it is worth treating the choice of color of a headdress. Perfectly, if it is in harmony not only with outerwear, but also with a shade of a scarf and gloves. But, if it is impossible to make it, for example, the man carries a cachenez of light gray color, and a dark coat, then it is possible just to buy a black cap. Black color is universal. Therefore, experts often recommend to choose to men accessories of this shade.

And, of course, consider that on a headdress there should be no drawings or logos. It is not combined with classical clothes and the cap just will not approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team