How to pick up the power supply for the computer?

How to pick up the power supply for the computer?

How to pick up the power supply for the computer – such question quite often arises at PC users. This detail is the main in a design of the electronic machine as without it the system will not receive a power supply from the power supply network and will not be able to work. The power supply – a removable component therefore if it breaks or begins to knock, its replacement is represented quite expedient step. The only hitch – the choice of a suitable analog, but this problem is quite solved. Behind purchase it is necessary to go to specialized shop where will offer you the good range of models from different price segments. Besides, you will be able always to ask the developed consultation for the seller if you doubt something, and to obtain a guarantee for the purchase. And still useful will be to learn in advance what it is necessary to be guided at acquisition of the power supply for the personal computer by.

As it is correct to pick up the power supply: we determine key parameters

First of all, it is necessary to know from what characteristics of a detail it is necessary to make a start upon purchase. The following parameters are important:

  • power indicators;
  • cooling system type;
  • existence of necessary connections;
  • quality, producers, price.

How to pick up power supply power for the computer?

Basic characteristic is battery power – it has to be sufficient for provision of energy of all personal computer systems. That is, the computer is stronger, the more powerfully for it there has to be a power supply. It is possible to proceed to choose, for example, from average values for the 500 Watts office appliance the block, and for the 600-700 Watts home game PC. And it is possible to count exact value, having used the special program the calculator from the Internet.

How to pick up the power supply cooling system?

Not less important component is the cooling system which does not allow overheating of a system. It is better to choose option with the big fan or even two – the big size and an average. Such model publishes less noise and better cools the block. Optimum: the fan with sizes of 120х120 mm + the second with sizes of 80х80 mm.

How to pick up the power supply for the personal computer taking into account existence of necessary connections?

Other devices of a system join the power supply surely cables therefore it has to have all necessary sockets. The power supply can be two types: stationary and modular. In the first case it is already equipped with the built-in cables which cannot be replaced or cleaned after uselessness. In the second case the block has only places for connection and cables can be attached voluntarily. The second option is more preferable, it is worth stopping on it, previously having checked that the number of connections was several units more, than the number of the connected devices. Also it is necessary to pay attention to a configuration of sockets – it has to coincide with forks of cables of the attached details.

How it is correct to pick up the high-quality power supply for the computer?

The qualitative detail will not cost little therefore you do not pursue imaginary benefit, getting something cheap, doubtful origin. It is better to choose at once the power supply of the famous producer who is familiar to you. If it is not a fake, then you with guarantee receive a detail of acceptable quality.

Besides, the high-quality power supply can be recognized by a delivery set. It has to be the signature box in which, besides the detail, there are fixture elements, the registration certificate and the instruction. On the power supply its parameters and efficiency – at least 80% have to be specified. Component of appropriate level of quality rather easy rake.

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