How to pickle fish for a shish kebab on a lattice?

How to pickle fish for a shish kebab on a lattice?

With arrival of the summer country and picnic period for many people there is relevant a question how to pickle fish for a shish kebab on a lattice. The majority is sure that it is much more difficult to make it, than in a case with meat. Actually, in preparation of fish on a brazier there is nothing difficult, it is necessary just to follow the main recommendations.

How it is correct to pickle fish for a shish kebab?

For a start it is necessary to choose the main component correctly. Ideally fresh fish with dense texture is suitable for a grill. It do not have to be a habitual salmon and a sturgeon, also river representatives of the water kingdom quite will approach, for example, absolutely magnificent shish kebab turns out from a pike and a catfish. At the worst it is possible to take also the frozen product - integral carcasses which subjected to fast processing, thus fish was without defects.

Before pickling the fish is undressed: clean, well wash out, cut on portion pieces, small carcasses can just be divided into two halves, having removed the ridge. It is necessary to apply not really deep cuts that marinade was better absorbed to skin. Ingredients for marinade should be mixed in separate, rather deep ware that pieces of fish were not filled very densely. Pickling time, depending on a species of fish and degree of its freshness, can vary of 30 minutes till 4-6 o'clock. Pickle longer frozen fish which before it surely is defrozen. Thick stakes from a salmon and a salmon have to spend not less than 2.5-3 hours in marinade.

How tasty to pickle fish for a shish kebab?

Variations and recipes of pickling of a fish shish kebab exists much, and nobody prevents you to think up own. However that the dish turned out really tasty, it should be taken into account some nuances:

  • it is not necessary to dump thoughtlessly in marinade all spices which are available for you, the result will hardly please you, it is necessary to choose only a few components;
  • if you want to receive more sweet and juicy marinade, then use mint and cilantro; more fragrant — caraway seeds and a coriander, paprika, black pepper and a lemon — are universal, bay leaf — undesirable ingredient for fish, fennel and parsley will approach not any grade;
  • you should not replace lemon juice with vinegar, he will make fish excessively harsh;
  • for juiciness the fish should be pickled in acidic environment, for example in kefir and dry wine.

Always the fish shish kebab turns out tasty if to make for it marinade according to the following recipes:

  • soy sauce, mix of pepper, lemon juice;
  • olive oil, ground paprika, dry white wine, mustard seeds;
  • vegetable oil, grated or ground root of ginger, chili pepper, soy sauce;
  • lime juice, white pepper, sour cream, the crushed fresh basil;
  • garnet juice, vegetable oil, onions, black pepper.

How to pickle red fish on a shish kebab?

If you are interested in a specific question on how to pickle red fish for a shish kebab, then keep in mind that it is necessary to do it carefully and not to feel sorry for times for impregnation. Otherwise on a fire of fillet it to turn out dry. That it did not occur, in marinade surely there has to be enough oil, it is better olive, but also sunflower will approach. It needs to be rubbed at first slightly in skin of fish and then also to take in it portion pieces. Also add to marinade basilicas, lemon juice, mix of spices for fish.

How to pickle river fish for a shish kebab?

At river fish the unpleasant smell of ooze therefore it is necessary to pickle it is quite often observed. For a pike fat sour cream and tomato juice with spices, is suitable for other grades better — the onions cut by rings, lemon segments, black pepper, oil, greens.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team