How to prepare soda solution

How to prepare soda solution

Soda is a product which is easy for finding in a kitchen locker of each hostess. But not all know that soda is an also universal medicine for a set of illnesses. At the same time recipes of soda solutions which help to overcome diseases are very simple and available to all.


1. Soda solution at catarrhal zabolevaniyakhs the help of soda in the course of treatment of bronchitis, rhinitis, viral diseases it is possible to help the patient to increase removal of mucous allocations effectively. It is for this purpose recommended in one glass of milk which boils, to part a soda pinch, to take drink before going to bed. This means promotes fluidifying of a phlegm at cough.

2. At pain in a gorlepoloskaniye soda solution very quickly and noticeably removesunpleasantfeeling in a throat. For preparation of soda solution for rinsing of a throat it is necessary to take one teaspoon of soda on one glass of not hot water. It is necessary to rinse a throat as often as possible. By the way, at cold the same soda solution it is possible to rinse a nose.

3. At a konjyunktivitakhtakzha weak soda solution will be suitable for washing of eyes. It is necessary to wash out eyes several times per day, and solution of soda needs to be prepared, adding to a glass of water of a half-teaspoon of soda.

4. At tooth boligotovit soda solution from 1 teaspoon of soda and a glass of warm water. It is necessary to rinse a mouth rather warm solution five-six times a day.

5. At painful agnails solution from two tablespoons of soda and a half of liter of rather hot water Is prepared. Solution needs to be cooled and several times to steam fingers. Inflammation will take place after the second time.

6. At raised potlivostidlya those who have an allergy to deodorants, weak soda solution will approach. It is necessary to wipe armpits with the cotton tampon moistened in soda solution in the morning. It for the whole day will save you from a sweat smell.

7. At hypostases to a nogprigotovta a warm bath, having taken a half-glass of soda on ten liters of water. It is necessary to take legs in such solution about ten minutes.

8. At stings to a nasekomykhprigotovta traditional soda solution from 1 teaspoon of soda and a glass of water. Several times in day of the place of stings it is necessary to grease with this solution.

9. At cosmetic problemakhsodovy solution will help to get rid of a problem of the coarsened and darkened skin on elbows. For this purpose prepare it by the following method: 2 tablespoons of soda mix up with 1 liter of water with soap. After hashing, solution infuses several minutes. Further elbows need to be spread with rather fat cream and not to lower a couple of minutes in soda solution. Then elbows need to be rubbed and again to lower in solution.

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