How to produce electricity

How to produce electricity

Electricity consider existence in space of electric field, and electric current the ordered movement of charged particles under its influence. To create electric field, bring any charged body in space. For receiving electric current attach to the conductor a source with some electromotive force (EMF).

It is required to you

  • ebonite and glass sticks, air condenser, magnet, various tanks, conductors.


1. Receiving electric you polyavozmit an ebonite stick and rub it with natural wool - as a result it will be loaded negatively, around it electric field will appear. Rub a glass stick with a piece of silk - it will be loaded positively. To find existence of electric field, suspend these sticks on supports, as a result of interaction across the field they will begin to be attracted. If to suspend two glass or two ebonite sticks, they will make a start due to electric interaction.

2. For obtaining electric field in a different way take the air condenser and load its plates with opposite charges. Between them there will be electric field. To find his tension, the voltmeter measure potential difference (tension) on plates in volts and divide it into the distance between them measured in meters. The result will turn out in volts on meter.

3. Receiving electric current by means of the elementary galvanic you elementavozmit rather large capacity (the old bucket or even a plastic bag will approach) and fill it with the earth. Plentifully water the earth with the concentrated salt solution and insert into it a steel and copper plate on the different ends of capacity. Attach the voltmeter to their ends and make sure that the potential difference appeared. It has to be about 1 volt.

4. Receiving electricity in a magnetic polevozmit two powerful magnets also establish them to each other by heteronymic poles. Place between them the direct conductor connected by flexible conductors with millivoltmetry. Move the conductor between poles of magnets. The milliamperemeter will show emergence of EMF, on the conductor the electric current will begin to flow.

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