How to prolong erectile function?

How to prolong erectile function?

Violation of erectile function – the problem familiar to many men. Even absolutely healthy representative of a strong half of mankind in the sexual plan at least once in life faced impossibility to begin or finish sexual intercourse. The reason can be banal – the partner was tired or touched with alcohol. To those who more often notice malfunctions in "work" of "friend" will interestingly know how to prolong erectile function. And young guys can note the councils stated below and to apply as prophylactics.

How to prolong erectile function at men?

In a sound body not only sound mind, but also quality sperm. Therefore to those men who want to feel fresh longer full of strength and capable of sexual feats, it is necessary to support the body in a tone. It is possible to achieve it only on condition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular performance of exercises. It especially concerns those who have a sedentary work and who prefers to foot walks driving transport, and spends free time at the TV.

Those who is interested as it is possible to improve erectile function should answering that the contrast shower is in this case capable to help. Under the influence of temperature differences the blood circulation amplifies, there is a training of vessels and training of all organism. One more way is to go barefoot 15–20 minutes a day or to use the massager for legs which would allow to stimulate well various points which are on feet and responsible for an erection.

The products improving erectile function

The food rich with zinc is of special interest for men. The fact is that this mineral participates in process of production of male sex hormone of testosterone. Besides, zinc is responsible for sexual desire and potency, positively affects quality of sperm. Most of all this microcell contains in water-melon and pumpkin sunflower seeds, cocoa powder and chocolate, mutton, a liver, peanut and pine nuts, seafood, in particular, oysters. Regularly seasoning food with ginger, a muscat, red pepper, cardamom, a carnation and others, it is possible to strengthen the sexual function not only thanks to presence in them of zinc, but also ability "to work" as aphrodisiacs.

The medicines improving erectile function

To the most popular means capable to strengthen an erection and to prolong it, belong:

  • Sialis. As active agent in it it is used tadalafit which has the highest term of increase in sexual function – up to 2 days. And begins to work in 20 minutes after reception;
  • "Viagra". Sildenfit the name of the medicine familiar to all containing. Strengthens an erection in 40–60 minutes prior to a coition and "works" within 8–12 hours;
  • Levitra. Acts on the basis of a vardenafil and 8–10 hours "work". It is necessary to use in 20 minutes prior to sex.

How to prolong erectile function by means of folk remedies?

There are some recipes:

  • to mix honey, walnuts, small cut lemons and dried apricots in equal proportions. To use mix on 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach within a month. Such structure not only increases potency, but also strengthens immunity;
  • it is useful to have daily tea with addition of a root of ginger, a carnation and a saffron. Also the marjoram, a calendula and a dogrose are useful;
  • small to chop and fill in an acorus root in number of 20 g with the boiling water of 200 ml. To insist the whole night, and to filter and drink 1/3 glasses three times during the entire period of wakefulness in the morning. Just it is not forbidden and to chew acorus pieces.

That's all recommendations. It is necessary to protect sexual health from the youth that in and 60 years to remain the man in the true sense of the word.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team