How to prove that the text scientific

How to prove that the text scientific

Scientific articles are useful to reading and are easily recognized. Usually theses, theses and researches are written in scientific style. Also it is used by drawing up textbooks.


1. Any scientific text has feature which is evident at once - the increased use of terminology. If article contains many unclear, "scientific" words terms, then, most likely, this document belongs to the category necessary to you.

2. Pay attention to syntactic structure of the text. If offers long, and some of them even act as the whole paragraph, contain many commas, colons and other punctuation marks, then this article is for certain written in scientific style.

3. One of the most important features of the scientific text - absolute logicality and the strict sequence of statements. In such document you will surely meet parenthesises and phrases cliches, such as: "first", "from this follows", "data show that", etc.

4. In the scientific text only the unambiguous and direct sense of words is used. You will not find any metaphors and epithets here. If the author is the rule breaks, then surely writes the note about it. It becomes not to confuse the reader.

5. High informational content - too feature of scientific documents. Any "water", only a flow of the necessary information. Remember how a lot of interesting writes in one paragraph of the school textbook.

6. Article of scientific contents, unlike the art text, is absolutely impartial. Emotions of the author are not expressed neither through words, nor through punctuation marks.

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