How to pump up shoulders dumbbells?

How to pump up shoulders dumbbells?

Beautiful and relief shoulders allow to make a figure proportional, and externally the man looks as "a stone wall" of which many women so dream. If there is no opportunity to go to gym, then information on how to pump up shoulders dumbbells in house conditions, will be as it is impossible by the way. For holding a training it is enough to have dumbbells. Their weight should be selected so that it was possible to repeat exercises of 20-25 times. It is gradually necessary to increase the weight and the number of approaches.

Experts recommend to make trainings so that 1/4 part of time to devote to load of the front delta and as much on back, and 2/4 more for a training of the average delta. One more interesting fact – carrying out exercises standing, it is possible to receive the best results as energy is spent for keeping balance.

How to pump up shoulders dumbbells?

Moves and presses are considered as the most effective exercises. To receive result, it is important correct to carry out them as the quality is much more important than quantity.

  1. Press. Understanding how quickly to pump up shoulders dumbbells, it is worth beginning with this effective exercise which develops the front and side delta. As using dumbbells, it is possible to increase amplitude of the movement considerably. Get up exactly and pick up dumbbells the top hold. Arrange them at the level of shoulders, at the same time bend hands in elbows. Make a press up, at the same time it is necessary to touch slightly in the top point dumbbells. Then return to initial situation and repeat. Hands have to move on straight lines.
  2. Cultivation of hands. If you want to pump up shoulders house dumbbells, then surely include this exercise in the complex. During performance the main loading is received by the side delta. Get up exactly, having a little inclined the case forward. Take dumbbells and lower hands before yourself down. Bend knees a little. You part hands to that level as dumbbells will be a little higher than shoulders, be late for couple of seconds and lower down. In the top point of a hand have to repeat the movement as if you pour water. Similar manipulation will help to stretch a muscle well. The important rule – at all do not move the case to facilitate to themselves a task.
  3. Serial raising of hands. This exercise is a fine house alternative to a bar press from a breast. Get up directly and lower hands with dumbbells down. It is necessary to raise in turn hands before himself, so up that the dumbbell reached slightly higher than the level of the head. Move slowly, at the same time directing hands each other towards. It is important to watch that hands moved in a straight line and were not displaced during the movement.
  4. Thirst for a chin. If there is an interest on how to pump up shoulders by means of dumbbells, then pay attention to this exercise. The main loading is received by a trapezoid and front deltoid muscle. Get up exactly and take dumbbells the top hold. Lower hands down, at the same time consider that the distance between dumbbells, the more load of a trapeze is wider. Lift dumbbells to a chin, directing elbows a little up. Lower hands down and repeat everything.
  5. Shrag. To find out how to pump up shoulders dumbbells, it is impossible to miss this exercise as it gives good load of a trapeze. Get up exactly, holding dumbbells in the lowered hand. The back has to be equal, and shovels are directed to each other. The task is in lifting and lowering shoulders, without moving a body and without tearing off heels from a floor. Movements by shoulders need to be carried out exclusively in a straight line. In the top point you aspire to ears.


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