How to pump up wings in house conditions?

How to pump up wings in house conditions?

Among athletes wings it is accepted to call the broadest muscles of a back, and it is connected with the fact that in the developed state they are similar to the put extremities of a bird. As many people have no time for going to the hall, once you understand, to pump up wings in house conditions. The crossbeam and dumbbells are necessary for effective trainings. To receive result, trainers recommend to develop all muscles of a back at the same time, but not to work only on one group.

How quickly to pump up wings in house conditions?

For a start we will consider several basic principles of a training which are directed to increase in its efficiency:

  1. Muscles have property to get used to loading that directly affects progress. The minimum additional weight is 15 kg. Experts recommend to increase at first the number of repetitions, and then, approaches.
  2. Exercises are carried out at slow speed that will allow to increase effect of loading.
  3. When using big weight, it is recommended to put on a special belt and that hands did not slide about shells, put on gloves.
  4. Finding out how to pump up house wings, it is important to talk about regularity of holding a training as being engaged occasionally, you should not expect result. As the broadest muscles large, they need time for restoration, so, you should not train more often than two times a week.
  5. As for the number of repetitions, it is possible to begin from 10 times, gradually leading up till 15-20 times. The minimum quantity of circles – two.

Remember that accumulation of muscle bulk is impossible if the organism does not receive squirrels therefore correct the menu, being guided by rules of sports food.

What exercises to pump up wings?

Pullings up. This universal exercise directed to pumping of the broadest muscles of a back. The crossbeam can be established houses in a doorway or to go outside as a last resort on horizontal bars. It is proved that carrying out only some pullings up it is possible to add significantly in force and to develop a muscular corset. Depending on a way and width of the successful fellow loading will be displaced.

How quickly to pump up wings pullings up:

  1. The wide successful fellow – involve all surface of the broadest muscles. If at rise to get the head before a horizontal bar, then it is possible to achieve the best muscle strain.
  2. Narrow hold – loading is directed to the middle and top of a back and also the biceps gets into gear.
  3. The narrow reverse grip – gets into gear the lower part of wings.

For increase in loading it is possible to be tightened with an additional weight, using a special belt or lives.

Draft in an inclination. If interests how to pump up wings dumbbells in house conditions, then pay attention to this exercise. Take dumbbells so that palms were directed to a body. Bend knees a little and due to bending in a waist bend forward, trying to reach a parallel with a floor. Important nuance – the back has to be a little bent in a waist, and hold the head directly. You hold dumbbells on outstretched arms before yourself. From SP exhaling, tighten dumbbells to a breast, holding elbows most close to a body. Weight will keep at the expense of forearms. In a final point strain muscles of a back and record situation for several seconds. After that exhaling, return to SP.

Push-ups on support. As support it is possible to use two piles of books or identical stools. It is necessary to put them so that the distance between hands was a little wider than shoulders. Lower a body down on a breath that it appeared lower than the level of palms, and then, rise, exhaling, but you should not unbend elbows completely.



Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team