How to purify aluminum

How to purify aluminum

In life we quite often should deal with products from aluminum. It can be elements of door and window frames, ware, furniture accessories, an aluminum covering of walls. Periodically it is necessary to clean products from aluminum from pollution. In order that cleaning was more effective, take some advice.

It is required to you

  • Universal detergent, trinatriyfosfat, laundry detergent, WD-40 liquid, a sponge, container with water, rags, a bast from a thin steel wire


1. For cleaning of aluminum door and window frames use universal detergent, for example, of Domestos. Problems with cleaning at the same time do not arise as the specified products are delivered with strong anticorrosion coating, white, brown or stylized under bronze. Also for removal of pollution from frames use means for washing of glasses.

2. You clean an external aluminum covering of walls at least once a year. Otherwise the covering begins to become covered by the raid similar to chalk, and then on it appear dark, specks reduced by nothing. Use for cleaning of a covering trinatriyfosfat which can be got in household shop. Mix trinatriyfosfat with warm water in the proportions specified in the instruction for application. You carry out processing of aluminum surfaces in rubber gloves and goggles.

3. For the second way of cleaning of aluminum external surfaces use laundry detergent (Tide will approach, for example). Part a quarter of a glass of powder without bleach in a bucket from 8 l of warm water. Moisten with solution a sponge and wipe aluminum. After that rinse a surface water from a garden hose.

4. The third way of cleaning of the aluminum surfaces which are under the open sky will demand use of special WD-40 liquid. Apply liquid on aluminum by means of rags or spraying. In a few minutes wipe the cleaned surface with a bast from a thin steel wire. It is not necessary to press strongly that on a surface there is no scratch left. Then wipe oily liquid with rags. Metal at such way of cleaning becomes lighter and begins to shine.

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