How to purify rust from metal?

How to purify rust from metal?

In the house of the real man always all under control, it can eliminate also a blockage and to repair the crane, and to hang up the shelf and to collect furniture. The good owner has to be able to cope also with various unpleasant phenomena which are formed in the house, for example, a mold, rust, etc. Therefore now we will talk about how it is possible to purify rust from metal in house conditions.

How to purify rust from metal?

There are several ways which will help you to cope with this problem.

So, than it is possible to purify rust from a metal surface:

  1. Potatoes with salt. This root crop will help to cope with a small rusty spot. Cut potatoes, salt it, and apply to the place with rust for about ten minutes, it is possible to rub slightly.
  2. Liquid ammonia with hydrogen peroxide. In 100 g of alcohol it is accurate to pour 50 g of peroxide of hydrogen, to carefully mix, process this mix rust. In 10-15 minutes, rust has to disappear completely.
  3. Sparkling water. As a rule, sparkling water contains phosphoric acid in structure therefore such drink as, for example, Coca-Cola perfectly copes with rust, it is enough to ship a rusty subject in this water for several minutes or to carefully moisten with sparkling water a rusty spot.
  4. Vinegar with lemon juice. In equal proportions we mix these components and we apply the turned-out means on a rust spot approximately for two hours, after that we wash with usual water.
  5. Baking soda. We dilute soda with water, it is necessary that rather thin gruel turned out, we apply this means on rust, we wait for 15 minutes and we delete the dried-up education with a metal sponge.
  6. Special funds on removal of rust from metal. Today almost in any shop it is possible to get means which quickly and qualitatively will help to get rid of rust from a metal surface.

If interests you, than it is possible to clean a bathtub from rust, then we advise to use the following ways:

  1. Wine vinegar and salt. To add 2 tablespoons of salt to 100 ml of vinegar and to warm this mix in the microwave oven to 65 °C. Apply with a soft rag this solution on rust, leave for 15 minutes, then wash away flowing water.
  2. Whiteness. Apply whiteness on all sites in the bathroom where found rust, wait for minutes 20, then rub a sponge and wash away whiteness cold water. When processing a bathtub this means do not forget to put on gloves, and later air the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team