How to receive copper vitriol

How to receive copper vitriol

Copper vitriol found broad application in life, medicine and technology. This connection is derivative copper sulfate. Receive it during multistage process which each stage represents a certain chemical reaction.


1. Under usual conditions sulfate of CuSO4 (II) copper represents white crystal salt. However, at hit of droplets of liquid or water vapor this salt easily turns into copper vitriol. At the same time, it gets a bright blue shade. Solutions where moisture makes 1/3 solid substances and more, apply in the industry, for example, as means to removal of rust. Other name of copper vitriol - halkantit. It has a formula of the following look: CuSO4*5H2O.

2. Originally usually receive copper sulfate, reaction at the same time looks as follows: CuO+H2SO4=CuSO4+H2OEta reaction is carried out at industrial receiving this substance in the presence of hot air, at the same time the copper oxide interacting with sulfuric acid is formed. Laboratory process of receiving copper vitriol a bit different as only copper and sulfuric acid participates in it, but, nevertheless, it is similar to previous. In this case, besides water, also SO2 sulfur oxide is emitted, and crystals of CuSO4 salt drop out in a deposit: Cu+2H2SO4=CuSO4+SO2+2H2OEtimi can receive in two ways crystals of copper vitriol or sulfate of copper. Further on their basis it is possible to prepare blue solution of copper vitriol. Pure solution of copper vitriol is received by consecutive evaporation and dilution of this solution acid. For this purpose the turned-out copper vitriol is heated to 50 degrees for formation of crystals, and then again diluted with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. Process is repeated until all impurity do not evaporate. Then crystals dissolve in water.

3. Under the influence of water vapor or moisture the white crystals of sulfate of copper are painted in a blue shade. At a bigger amount of water blue solution which is used in agriculture as an insecticide and fertilizer, in medicine as antiseptics, and in life - as a component for preparation of paints turns out. In the industry it is also used as a component of process of a covering of metals by copper and solution bases for galvanoplasty. But basic purpose of this substance - pest control in agriculture. It combines at the same time both fertilizer, and prophylactic from diseases of trees, bushes and plants. Besides, thanks to copper content, from this solution it is easy to receive other connections as copper represents active agent.

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