How to receive silver

How to receive silver

Silver is white and very plastic precious metal. There were times when silver was appreciated even more expensively than gold. Presently, price of silver is not really high, nevertheless, it widely is used in jewelry. Still silver is widely applied in the equipment, generally in electrotechnical products, for example, contact groups in electric devices. Silver is present at ores of other metals, for example, it is melted together with draft copper with the subsequent division, but it can be received and in a different way.

It is required to you

  • Silver nitrate, water, sodium hydroxide, water solution of ammonia, formalin, graphite cores, fabric, DC power source.


1. In a flask with water dissolve the crushed silver nitrate (lyapis). Add to solution a little sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). After that in a deposit monovalent oxide of silver will drop out.

2. Further filter a deposit and dry it. Pour ammoniac water in unnecessary glass capacity and dissolve in it the received silver oxide.

3. Then add a little formalin to this solution (it is possible to add any aldehyde). After that walls of a glass vessel will become covered by a dense layer of pure silver, forming a smooth surface.

4. Dissolve silver nitrate in water and pour solution in a glass jar. Then take two graphite cores and for one of them make a sack of any fabric. Put on a sack one core, tie it a thread and connect to it minus a wire from a DC power source, and on the second core give plus.

5. Lower electrodes in solution and include food. Maintain temperature of solution in limits of 25 degrees. There will be a process of electrolysis on a minus electrode (cathode), ions of silver will be restored to metal, and the sack from fabric will not allow it to fall by a bottom banks.

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