How to receive social housing?

How to receive social housing?

It is possible to receive from the state the apartment under the contract of social hiring, but it will manage only to those people to make it which will be able to provide necessary references and documents in public authorities. To understand how to receive social housing, let's consider in detail laws which define an order of this process.

How to receive housing under the contract of social hiring?

The first, and most is important a condition, the people applying for such housing have to be registered in the settlement not less than 10 years, that is if the person moved to the capital and wishes to get in line, he will not be able to make it.

The second condition which performance is necessary and by means of which it is possible both to receive social housing, and to improve conditions of the accommodation, this providing the certificate that the house where people live, is in critical condition. This document is written out by the special commission which carries out survey of housing.

It is not less important to collect also proofs that the family belongs to the needy category. It should be noted that when determining insufficient security not only earnings of all family members, but also property which they own, including cars, dachas and the land plots are considered. Therefore it is not simple to receive the similar reference very, even total income in 300 dollars can be recognized as sufficient.

Having submitted three documents (certificate of a condition of housing, the document confirming low income and also the certificate of a registration for a period of 10 years) mentioned above and having written the application in a free form, can get in line and receive social housing, both young family, and lonely people.

How to receive social payment on acquisition of housing?

The person who can provide the certificate that the level of its income allows to take a mortgage loan and also the document confirming that it is registered not less than 10 years the settlement can count on such help and is a person whose living conditions are recognized not meeting legislative rules.

The decision on delivery of a certain sum is made only by public authorities which carefully check all provided documents, the amount of payment at the same time is approved depending on the region in which the person lives. Making the decision, to file documents for help registration, stock up with patience as the average term of their consideration is from 2 to 10 months.

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