How to receive starch

How to receive starch

It is not difficult to receive starch in house conditions at all. Bol that this purpose does not require any special potatoes, any suits those – small, large, frozen, begun to rot, last year's. From one bucket of potatoes intended for processing 1-1.5 kg of starch turn out on average.

It is required to you

  • - potatoes;
  • - small grater, meat grinder or juice extractor;
  • - bucket;
  • - water.


1. Sort potatoes. Select tubers, small, damaged, unsuitable for storage. From them it is possible to receive good, quality starch. If you have not enough time, can even not clean potatoes, and it is just good to wash out it a brush. Though it is better to clean nevertheless.

2. Carefully wash out the prepared potatoes in cold water. Clean. Cut out the rotten and damaged places. Once again carefully wash out. Slightly dry. Rub it on a small grater, periodically washing away from it water the turned-out potato weight.

3. If you did not have a grater, then it is possible to pass potatoes via the meat grinder or the juice extractor. Fill in the received weight with water in the ratio 2:1.

4. Properly mix the potato weight which is filled in with water. Filter through a small sieve for flour or the gauze folded double. Again fill in the thick which remained in a sieve with water, stir and filter. Repeat this procedure several times. Water washes away starch from potatoes. Collect all filtered water in a bucket and let stand. After the turned-out starch accumulated on a bottom, carefully drain water.

5. Again fill in starched weight with clear water and let stand. In about three hours drain water. Do it not less than three times.

6. Wring out ready starch and spread out a thin layer for drying. It is possible to dry it just on air or in a warm oven. The main thing that temperature did not exceed 40 degrees. In this case instead of dry starch it is possible to receive ready kissel. Define degree of dryness to the touch. It is approximately very difficult to make it as starch is capable to absorb a large amount of water, without changing at the same time the look.

7. Pound dry-through starch or roll a rolling pin that it became friable. House starch has yellowish color. But let it does not confuse you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team