How to receive sulfuric acid

How to receive sulfuric acid

The chemistry is one of the most important fields of natural sciences, and one of its main substances without which this science is inconceivable - it is sulfuric acid. It finds application practically in any chemical process. In other words, sulfuric acid is a queen of chemistry.

It is required to you

  • Accumulator electrolyte, glass jar, pan, engine oil, electric stove.


1. In the industry it is received dissolution of sulfuric anhydride (sulfur trioxide) in water. And for receiving anhydride, the sulfur dioxide which is formed, for example, after roasting of sulphidic ores, or received in the direct way (combustion of sulfur in oxygen), oxidize to sulfuric anhydride at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius on catalysts from platinum, oxide of vanadium and to them similar. But what would will receive the concentrated sulfuric acid in the handicraft way to resort optional to the above cunnings. In automobile shop we buy accumulator electrolyte, we take an ordinary glass jar and we pour out it there, then we take a pan, we pour in it engine oil (also working off will quite descend) and we put to bank there. Then we place all this on an electric stove.

2. Thus, there is an evaporation of water from electrolyte. The cunning of an oil bathtub is that temperature of boiling of oil is slightly more, than the water boiling temperature and by that water quietly boils away, and oil does not boil and the glass jar remains whole since heats up evenly on all area. Even the hot concentrated sulfuric acid does not interact with glass therefore the amount of impurity in it is minimum. Process can be carried out in the temperature range from 100 to 300 degrees, but it is better not to exceed oil boiling temperature. Continue process until water does not boil away. In principle, enrichment of sulfuric acid can be made in sound metal capacity, but after that acid will be strongly polluted by impurity and will have dark color in addition, there is a probability that capacity in process will leak.

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