How to receive the site under construction of the house free of charge?

Any real man tries to get good housing where he could live long life with favourite family. The big house with own site what it is possible to dream of. However before starting construction of the house of the dream, it is necessary to buy the land plot which in today's time costs considerable money therefore interests very many whether it is possible to receive the site under construction of the house free of charge.

How to receive the site under construction of the house free of charge?

Of course, not all but only only some categories of citizens can receive the earth in own possession, unfortunately. For this purpose it is necessary to go to local authorities with the application for receiving the land plot and "to rise" on turn.

So, if interests you as it is possible to receive the land plot under construction of the house, then you should know that it is necessary to the following categories of people:

  1. Large families. To receive the site, such citizens have to be officially married, have more than three children (who did not reach full age age), and children can be and receptions. By the way, also mothers or single fathers having more than three children are considered as a large family. Also all family members have to be citizens of the country and have to have a registration in one square, at the same time in property there should not be land plots and any real estate. Passports of adults, the marriage certficate and about the birth of children will be necessary for registration of the site, the document which confirms that in property there is no other real estate, also the document confirming that you did not lose the parental rights, if you the parent – the single then the reference confirming this status will be necessary.
  2. Veterans of the Second World War. The document which proves the identity and also the certificate of the veteran is provided for receiving.
  3. Some other category of citizens. It can be orphan children, disabled people, military personnel, some employees of municipal institutions, etc. In individual cases the earth can be provided either in property or for rent from local authorities to the person who is, for example, the irreplaceable expert at any enterprise, etc. In these cases also the document which confirms the special status of the person will be required.

So, if the positive decision was lucky and made, then you will be put in turn, however you understand that expectation can drag on for one year. One more not really pleasant moment maybe the fact that the long-awaited ground under construction of the house can be received both in the good area, and in some "remote place" and the earth, to put it mildly, can be unsuitable for construction. Unfortunately, it happens, and people are forced to refuse such offers. If everything suits you, then to begin construction of the house it is desirable to begin immediately, otherwise you can lose the site.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team