How to reduce current tension

How to reduce current tension

Need to lower tension of an industrial power line or the power supply of the household equipment arises quite often for one reason or another. It can be made with success, having applied transformer or bestransformatorny ways of reduction of tension.

It is required to you

  • transformer, resistor, condenser


1. Devices for decrease tension on the basis of transformers are used usually in chains of alternating current. If power surges take place, it is recommended to use the stabilizing devices (ferroresonant stabilizers). It is possible to compensate the predicted increase in tension the ordinary autotransformer. This device will also provide reduction of size of tension in the set range. At the heart of all these devices different types of transformers are used.

2. For low-power consumers in chains of alternating current it is possible to use the extinguishing resistor or the condenser. Resistor face value (in Ohms) can be calculated by the following formula: R = Upad/I = (Uc - U) / I. Capacity (in microfarads) the extinguishing condenser can be calculated by a formula: With = 3200 I / where R is value of the resistor, Ohm; I – the current consumed by the device, A; Upad is tension which the resistor has to extinguish, In; Uc is tension of network, In; U – device supply voltage, Century.

3. For reduction of supply voltage in chains of a direct current, in most cases, the stabilitron which are consistently included in a chain, microassembly stabilizer (LIST) or the pulse converter are used. Various types of these devices are intended for undervoltage of food up to the certain size. Operation of above-mentioned electronic devices is based on properties of semiconductors. Therefore their application assumes existence of strong knowledge in the field of the electronic equipment.

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