How to reduce muscle pain after the training?

How to reduce muscle pain after the training?

Probably, all people playing sports at least once in the life came up against a situation when after the training the severe muscular pain or as its many call "delayed onset muscle soreness" is felt. It is connected with the microinjuries and inflammations which arose in muscles. The similar problem torments those who a long time were not engaged or moved to more difficult level of a training.

How to reduce muscle pain after the training?

There are several ways which will help to avoid emergence of unpleasant feelings or, at least, to reduce intensity of pain.

How to reduce muscular pain after the training:

  1. In a training the warm-up and a hitch is of great importance, and many athletes forget about them. Preliminary warming up of muscles and an extension on the end of occupation promote reduction of muscular pain.
  2. It is necessary to observe the drinking mode, both during the training, and for all day. The daily norm is 2 l.
  3. It is possible to lower pain, having taken a shower or a bath, and water can be both warm, and cold. Experts recommend to stop the choice on a contrast shower.
  4. Understanding how to kill pain after the training, it is worth mentioning one more effective method – massage. If there is no opportunity to address the professional, then also self-massage will approach. In addition use the divorced essential oils of a lavender or sage, or pharmaceutical creams.
  5. It is recommended to include products which contain antioxidants, necessary for an organism, in a diet. First of all it is recommended to choose vegetables and fruit of yellow, red, blue and violet color, for example, grapes or blue cabbage.
  6. Well swimming which unites in itself useful water procedures and necessary movements helps to cope with pain.
  7. Best of all the organism is restored during sleep therefore good rest is obligatory.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team