How to reduce noise of the fan in the computer?

How to reduce noise of the fan in the computer?

Often users of computers notice that operation of the fan became more noisy and it not only causes discomfort, but also points to possible malfunctions. Let's understand how to reduce noise of the fan in the computer independently without the address to experts. Noise can be to provoke only moving parts of the personal computer and most often it cooling system fans.

How to reduce noise of the power supply of the computer?

There are several ways which allow to cope with the available problem with little effort:

  1. Most often the reason is connected with accumulation of a large amount of dust which needs just to be removed. For this purpose uncover process and clean all details.
  2. Rotation speed, and, therefore, and noisiness of the fan depends on load of the processor. There are programs which hang or just strongly load the processor therefore just make an experiment, switch off in turn the included programs and look whether noise will decrease.
  3. Saying about how to reduce noise of the computer, it is possible to offer one more option – replace the having fans with options with big wings which will rotate with a smaller frequency.
  4. There are programs which forcibly reduce the frequency of rotation of the fan. SpeedFan – the program allowing to change rotation speed in the manual mode enjoys the greatest popularity.
  5. Interests many how to reduce noise of the computer through BIOS. At first come into BIOS, and then, pass into the section PC Health Status and look that the Smart Fun Control parameter was active. If it not so, then surely activate it.
  6. Can help to reduce noise of the fan its lubricant. The thing is that factory lubricant is erased over time, and it leads to emergence of noise. It is necessary to remove a side cover of the processor and to define what fan rustles. After that it is necessary to hook a sticker which closes the bearing. On the opened opening, it is necessary to put a drop of oil which is used for sewing machines.

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