How to remember structure of number

How to remember structure of number

The school program requires from the first grader the automatic solution of examples on addition and subtraction within at first first, and then and second ten. To learn these examples, it is necessary to know structure of numbers perfectly. It is absolutely difficult to younger school student to remember this abstract information. To help him with this task, it is necessary to construct work on storing of structure of numbers so that it was evident and clear for the child.

It is required to you

  • - self-made grants tables with structure of numbers;
  • - calculating sticks.


1. Draw on sheets of paper lodges to several floors on which each floor on two apartments (window). On a lodge roof together with the child write number and explain that this number on a roof — the host who allows to lodge only that number of residents which corresponds to number owner on one floor. For a start use calculating sticks or matches for "resettlement" — it is more evident, than just written figures.

2. Fill floors of the first lodge, and then set this task for the child — he has to try to settle residents. Let at the same time the child pronounce the necessary quantity, arguing approximately so: "The host — number 6 if in one apartment on the floor there live 2 residents, then 4 has to live in another".

3. Change the number of residents from the floor to the floor and repeat new combinations of numbers with the child. In a lodge with the owner 6 will be a combination 1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3.

4. Pass from calculating sticks or matches to the written numbers. It is more difficult for children therefore patiently repeat exercise.

5. Gradually complicate a task. Close one column of windows and pronounce with the child of neighbors of numbers. So, if with the owner 8 on the floor lives in a lodge 3, then his neighbor will be 5. Gradually the child himself will be able to call the necessary numbers.

6. Instead of lodges draw a flower in which core any number is written, and each petal is divided into two parts. The bigger number in the middle of a flower, the bigger quantity of petals has to be — by number of possible options of structure. In each part of a petal write the numbers giving core number in the sum. Suggest the child to continue to fill petals with numbers.

7. Do you give to the child household examples of simple tasks like "in a sink there were 6 plates, mom washed 4 of them how many still plates it is necessary to wash up?"

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