How to remove static electricity

How to remove static electricity

Static electricity arises when electrocharges accumulate on the surface of some material. As a rule, it is synthetic fabrics, hair or skin of the person or an animal, carpets. To spark and crack even air in the room under certain conditions can. It is necessary to remove static electricity that there was no fright and painful shock at accidental touch.

It is required to you

  • - Spray with water
  • - Containers with water
  • - Purchased antistatic
  • - The moisturizing spray for hair
  • - Hair dryer
  • - Rag from natural material


1. If sparks are in the air, it is necessary to spray more moisture around. Pour cold water in the opened jars and place on the house. Or sprinkle from a spray with usual water from under the crane on all surfaces in the apartment, especially – on carpets.

2. Static electricity can be removed from clothes purchased antistatic. Spray it on all area of clothes, from front and inner side. If there is no antistatic, just carry out on clothes by a clean rag from natural cotton. Try not to carry synthetics or artificial silk, on them the statics accumulates more often.

3. Hair can "spark" and rise, especially after you took off from them a warm cap. To remove from them static electricity, use the special moisturizing sprays or broths for hair, they are on sale on one shelf with shampoos and means for laying. You dry hair the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team