How to replace the magnesian anode

How to replace the magnesian anode

For receiving hot water in the apartment or on the country site, the electric accumulative water-heating tank was invented. It is the closed system which works under the minimum pressure of 1 atm. Use of water heaters allowed to feel comfortable in places where there is no opportunity to carry out the centralized hot water supply. He practically does not demand leaving, behind an exception, replacements of the magnesian anode. It should be carried out regularly.


1. Disconnect power supply on a water-heating tank. Drain water from the electric water heater. For this purpose block cranes on the water heater, water supply on the main pipeline. Disconnect pipes from a tank. Connect a hose to the entrance crane of the heater. Open the crane at the tank exit, then on an entrance and drain water in the sewerage. For additional protection against action of corrosion in steel accumulative tanks use magnesian anticorrosive anodes. They, slowly collapsing under the influence of hot water, fill microcracks in enamel. All accumulative water heaters are supplied with a steel flask which has corrosion-resistant internal coating. Each firm has the secrets on its production. It can be fine enamel with aluminum additives which under the influence of high temperature becomes tempered and becomes smooth, like glass. Apply also titanic enamel. Such covering provides good protection against corrosion and increases the term of operation of a product.

2. Dismantle electric TEN. Unscrew the magnesian anode from the flange. Operation of the anode happens compliance to electrochemical tension. Thereby the stream of electrons goes to places where defects in an enamel covering are possible. It interferes with corrosion in this part of the damaged enamel. The term of operation of the magnesian anode depends on its quality. Therefore at cheap accumulative water heaters it makes no more than 12 months, at better — from two to three years. Also large role is played by the anode size, than it is longer, that the term of its operation longer. Timely replacement will give the chance to use the water heater up to 10 years, with hardly any trouble at all for the owner. It is better to entrust installation of the magnesian anode to the expert as at removal of TENa the laying is damaged that will cause additional financial expenses.

3. Collect and connect the device in the return sequence. Pay the attention to integrity of tenovy laying and isolation of electric elements.

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