How to stratify seeds

How to stratify seeds

At the beginning of winter many summer residents prepare for new landings. Stocking up with "difficult" seeds (primroses, gentians and similar), it is worth thinking of their stratification in advance. This procedure will allow seeds to be prepared for the forthcoming winter cold weather and to become more hardy.


1. You need a usual synthetic scouring sponge with very small time (that even small seeds did not fail inside). On a light sponge seeds it is visible better. Do in it the razor small grooves. Completely wet a sponge, slightly wring out and lay out seeds, having slightly opened grooves. It is the most convenient to put seeds in grooves still of a dry sponge. Then it is necessary to namachivat it, evenly, accurately holding seeds in grooves. And it is necessary to wring out a sponge extremely delicately. Now sponges with seeds should be thrust into a polyethylene sack and to leave for 3-4 days in the room then to shift to few months in the freezer.

2. If you are going to land primroses, get seeds at the beginning of February. Seeds of other plants are pulled out in the early spring. Having pulled out sponges with seeds, leave them for some time to thaw in the room and as usual sow in soil.

3. Large seeds can be planted in cartridges with small cells at once, but the method with sponges is suitable for tiny seeds as well as possible. Seeds when shifting can drop out or be filled up with substrate that will complicate their prorashchivaniye.

4. If you have few seeds, it is convenient to use a toothpick which tip needs to be moistened. Seeds just cling and located with a damp toothpick in furrows on a sponge. And if there is a lot of seeds, they can just be poured out on the sheet of paper, to curtail it and to pour seeds into grooves, having distributed them evenly.

5. There are also such seeds which on appearance remind dust. The sponge will not approach here, but it is possible to take kapron tights (up to 40 den). This material best of all will be suitable for such needs. If you place seeds not in the freezer, and in the fridge, then it is necessary to check humidity level periodically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team