How to strengthen a signal of the Internet at village

How to strengthen a signal of the Internet at village

Today the Internet became so habitual that it is difficult to imagine life without it. But to use its opportunities fully when you are in the country, it is necessary to learn how to strengthen a signal of the Internet at the village, the interrupted and unstable signal and the suspending websites are practically capable to bring literally any person to white heat.

Strengthening of a signal of the Internet at the village by the hands

There are several easy ways to get rid of a problem, and the first of them is change of the operator. To choose really that company which is capable to provide stable communication in your area try to talk to neighbors, for certain, they use the Internet at the village too therefore their reviews and councils of the choice of the operator will be based only on their own experience. Remember that in each area the best operator, towers are established extremely unevenly. Therefore in each settlement force of a signal from the same operator will be different.

The second way to make strengthening the Internet of a signal at the village is setup of the modem. For this purpose come into the Control of Network tab and select the Only 3G item then check opposite to the word Automatically. Now your modem will catch only signals 3G, so, the speed of work of the Internet will be much higher. If you could not find the Control of Network folder in the modem, look at the technical instruction to it, some models of similar devices have rather illogical structure of management, but in the documents which are offered to them you will find the description of how to find the necessary tab.

Of course, the amplifier of a signal of the Internet for giving by the hands completely cannot be made, but here much more to extend it by means of a usual cable quite really. Try to move the modem across the territory of the country house and find the place where the signal will be caught most steadily. Further take a usual cable with USB sockets and with its help attach the modem to the computer. By the way, you can also use UTP extenders for the same purpose, they can quite provide a good signal.

One more way it to buy the special amplifier the Internet of a signal for the tablet or the laptop for giving, that is, in fact, the antenna. But, it has several shortcomings, first, the antenna costs little not too, secondly, skilled masters claim that its simple connection to the modem is not too effective, for normal operation of the device the device is necessary perepayat. Thus, if you are not an expert on radio electronics and not too well are able to handle the soldering iron, this method can not solve a problem.

The best amplifiers the Internet of a signal for giving

Now users recommend to pay attention to the following devices for strengthening of a signal:

  1. Connect Street. Quite available at the price and very high-quality device which enjoys very wide popularity. It can easily be found practically in any shop, the coefficient of its strengthening makes 15-17 DB.
  2. Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 which, according to many users, is capable to strengthen a signal so that carries out it even through reinforced concrete overlappings. Its cost will be slightly higher, than at the previous amplifier, but its power will also be more therefore most of experts advise to choose it, especially, if you understand that the signal badly passes because of material of walls of the house or giving to be at too long distance from the next tower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team