How to strengthen back muscles in house conditions?

How to strengthen back muscles in house conditions?

The back is a weak spot therefore it is necessary to strengthen muscles in this part of a body. There are special exercises strengthening the back muscles suitable both for the house and for the hall. Thanks to trainings a part of loading from a backbone will pass to a muscular corset thanks to what it is possible to reduce pain, to improve a bearing, etc.

How to strengthen back muscles in house conditions?

Trainings of the house are effective, but only if to follow some rules. It is necessary to be engaged 2-3 times a week that will allow muscles to be restored. It is necessary to carry out exercises in 3 approaches till 12-15 times. When is, will achieve result, it is necessary to train to the full. Any training has to begin with warm-up to prepare muscles and joints.

How quickly to strengthen back muscles:

  1. Draft of dumbbells in an inclination. SP – holding dumbbells in hand, sit down a little and bend forward that the case practically reached a parallel with a floor. The back has to be in direct situation with a small deflection in a waist. Direct a look directly. A task – keeping immovability of a body, tighten to yourself dumbbells, involving in work only back muscles. Cramping shovels together, linger on a maximum for several seconds and return to SP.
  2. Draft of a dumbbell one hand in an emphasis. If interests how to strengthen back muscles in house conditions, then consider this exercise. Get up near a support rest one hand against a bench. It is possible to bend also one leg in a knee and also to rest it against the plane. You hold dumbbells in other hand, fixing a back in equal situation, not having forgotten to cave in a little in a waist. A task – tighten a dumbbell up to a breast, moving a hand in a straight line. After that return to SP.
  3. Giperekstenziya. Saying about how to strengthen muscles of a back and a press, it would be desirable to present this exercise which is carried out in the special exercise machine. It is possible to get the hang to carry out it and at home, but only the person who will hold legs is necessary. Except a press and a back in this exercise muscles of buttocks and hips actively work. Fix legs on the exercise machine and settle down on a bench so that hips rested against the platform, and lower an upper body down. Hands can be held behind the head or to cross them on a breast. A task – smoothly raise a trunk up to that moment as the body will form a straight line. You should not carry too far a back as load of a waist in that case increases. Record situation, and then, slowly fall down that the inclination made 90 degrees.


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