How to strengthen hair that did not drop out?

How to strengthen hair that did not drop out?

The problem of a hair loss is familiar to both women, and men. Constantly to collect hairs from clothes extremely unpleasantly, so still eventually it is possible to be left without head of hear in general. That it did not happen, it is necessary to know how to strengthen hair that did not drop out. Of course, not superfluous will be to visit the trichologist, but if the problem did not become catastrophic yet, then it is possible to try at first other means.

How it is possible to strengthen hair that did not drop out?

First, the hair loss can be connected with the fact that incorrectly look after them. They should be washed not often and as they are soiled. Water should not be excessively hot or cold. It is better to use special medical shampoo from a hair loss which can be bought in drugstore. It is necessary to comb hair a hairbrush with wooden teeths. It is better to refuse use of the hair dryer and means for laying at least for some time.

Secondly, excellent means for strengthening is massage of the head. Thirdly, it is necessary to get rid of habits - smoking, alcohol and to begin to watch the food. Fourthly, it is worth undergoing inspection and to find out whether there are no chronic diseases which can become the cause of a hair loss too. Then for their strengthening it is necessary to undergo complex treatment.

What products strengthen hair?

Hair need vitamins and proteins. Therefore it is necessary to include the products rich with these substances in a diet. Those who does not know how to strengthen roots of hair from loss should eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, spicy herbs, fish, especially fat grades which contain an omega-3, seafood, dairy and fermented milk products, bean, nuts, proteinaceous food. It is worth excluding fat and fried dishes.

How to strengthen hair from loss by folk remedies?

To solve a problem how to strengthen bulbs of hair, it is possible to use the checked folk remedies. For example, regularly to rinse hair with grass broths: to a nettle family, camomile, from a sage and roots of a burdock. House masks are very effective. The simplest – from the burdock or castor oil which is warmed up on a water bath (to apply on roots of hair, to cover with a polyethylene hat, in 2 hours to wash away). It is possible to use also a mask from colourless henna or a mask from dry mustard with honey and egg (to dissolve powder with warm water, to add a yolk of egg and couple of spoons of honey). Also in roots of hair for strengthening it is possible to rub usual table salt.


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