How to strengthen sheaves and sinews?

How to strengthen sheaves and sinews?

Strengthening of ligaments and sinews should pay attention not only to athletes, and and ordinary people. The thing is that over time there are changes which can become the reason of appearance of serious injuries. For this reason it is important to know how to strengthen joints and ligaments as it is better to prevent emergence of problems, than then to correct them. At once It is necessary to tell that strengthening of copular fabric happens much more slowly, than muscular. To achieve good results it is recommended to work in three directions: to keep to a diet, to carry out exercises and to use special medicines.

How to strengthen sinews – exercises

It is necessary to include exercises which mean moderate static load in a complex. To strengthen sinews and ligaments of hands, it is possible to be engaged with dumbbells and with an expander, and still to carry out pullings up or push-ups. For strengthening of connecting tissue of the lower extremities, it is possible to carry out squats, jumps, to float, etc. It is not recommended to make sharp movements which can lead to getting injured.

How to strengthen sheaves – use of medicines

There are several medicines which promote strengthening of sinews. They can be divided into several groups:

  1. Means with chondroitin – Struktum, Hondroksid, Hondroitin Sulphate, etc.
  2. Glycosamine medicines – Arton, Artrolon and Duart. The substance which is a part of these means substance helps to normalize exchange processes in connecting fabric.
  3. Means with collagen – Ultra Collagen, Collagen Extra, etc. It is possible to use also natural products, for example, there is a collagen in jelly, aspic, skin and in cartilages of animals.

How to strengthen sheaves and sinews – a diet

If the person has an excess weight, then food needs to be built so that to lose weight as excess kilograms increase load of bones, joints and sheaves. Develop the menu so that the organism received different substances and components. It is surely regularly necessary to eat products which part are vitamin C and E, for example, cereals, carrot, lettuce leaves, vegetable oil, a celery, etc.


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