How to transfer amperes

How to transfer amperes

Amperes – standard system unit of measure of the current (SI). Quite large to household measures therefore multiple units (kiloamper) in practice are used seldom. But in characteristics of the electronic equipment (especially tiny) submultiple unit – milliampere often meets. The household electrical accessories are usually described by such parameter as power (it is measured in watts). It is necessary to connect electrical household appliances to the power supply network having restriction on current. To avoid continuous operation of safety locks, it is necessary to represent how in practice to transfer amperes to other units of measure.

It is required to you

  • - tester;
  • - calculator;
  • - technical documentation on electric devices.


1. If to translate amperes in other units of measure of current is required (submultiple or multiple), then just increase the number of amperes by the corresponding coefficient. So, for example, to transfer amperes to milliamperes increase number of amperes by 1000, and for the translation of amperes in kiloamper – increase by 0.001. Respectively, at transfer of amperes to megaamperes increase current by 0.000001, and at transfer to microamperes – increase by 1000000. Other submultiple and multiple units of measure of current in life and at the solution of standard tasks are practically not used.

2. To estimate the maximum total power of consumers of the electric power which your power supply network is capable to sustain increase current (in amperes) on which safety locks, on tension in network (220 volts) are calculated. The received value will equal the admissible power of at the same time connected electric devices expressed in watts. Thus (it is clean practically) amperes can be transferred in watts.

3. It is similarly possible to calculate the maximum power of electrical accessories at its connection to autonomous power sources. As a rule, on accumulators and batteries tension and the maximum current on which the power source is calculated is specified. At connection of too powerful consumer, the source of current can fail very quickly or, even to ignite.

4. For determination of power consumption study technical documentation of the electrodevice or look for information on the case of the device. Power of electrical accessories is specified in watts (W, W), kilowatts (kW, kW) or milliwatts (MW, mW).

5. Example. The household electrical network is calculated on the maximum current of 20 amperes. Question. How many hundred-watt electrobulbs can be included at the same time? Decision.1. Estimate the maximum power of loading of the power supply network: 20 (A) * 220 (C) = 4400 (W).2. Divide the general admissible power of network into the power of one bulb: 4400 (W) / 100 (W) = 44 (pieces). Answer. It is at the same time possible to connect 44 bulbs.

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