How to transfer cubes to meters

How to transfer cubes to meters

Cubes in life usually call the room volume expressed in cubic meters (cubic meters). Meters, as a rule, call the area of the apartment or house presented in square meters. Sometimes in this way measure also dimensions of large furniture and also household appliances. Correctly to calculate what area will be occupied by a bulky thing, it is necessary to transfer cubes to square meters.

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1. To transfer cubes to meters square, divide the volume of the apartment or room into height of ceilings. At the same time the volume of the dwelling has to be expressed in cubic meters (m³), and height of ceilings - in meters. For example, the volume of the apartment is 200 m³, and height of ceilings – 2.5 meters. Then its area will be: 200 / 2.5 = 80 meters (square).

2. If height of ceilings in certain rooms does not coincide (that quite often meets in rural houses and cottages), for translation cubes in meters determine the area of each room separately and put the received values. For example, the cottage consists of two floors. The volume of all rooms of the first floor – 300 m³ with a height of 2.5 m, and rooms of the second floor have height of 2 meters and volume – 200 cubes. In that case total area will be: 300 / 2.5 + 200/2 = 120 + 100 = 220 square meters.

3. To define how many square meters will be occupied, for example, by the fridge as well as in the first case, divide its volume into height. However at the same time consider that the internal volume of the fridge (washing machine), as a rule, is specified in prices. Therefore the number of the meters occupied by household appliances in practice will appear more. Besides, the operating volume of household appliances is usually specified in liters or cubic decimeters which need to be transferred to cubic meters.

4. For transfer to cubes (cubic meters) of the volume set in liters or in cubic decimeters divide the number of liters (decimeters cubic) for 1000. So, for example, in a 200-liter barrel 0.2 cubes of water find room 200/1000 =. To transfer cubic centimeters to cubic meters, divide the number of cubic centimeters into 1000000.

5. If it is necessary to transfer from cubes to meters a cubic capacity of rooms with inclined ceilings (garrets, terraces), as height use the average height of the room. For calculation of average value put ceiling height at a high wall and at low, and then halve the received sum.

6. To transfer to meters the volume of any building material, for example, of boards, previously specify in what meters it is necessary to transfer – to square or running. For transfer of cubes of boards to square meters divide quantity of cubes into thickness of boards expressed in meters. At transfer of cubic meters of boards to running meters divide the volume of boards in cubes into thickness and width of a board measured in meters.

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